Jessica Lang Dance visits East Lansing as part of its final season
Jan. 23 2019
Jessica Lang Dance, having won sweeping critical appraisal from The New York Times, The Boston Globe, you name it — is in its twilight. The company, led by the Bessie Award-winning Jessica Lang...
Jan. 23 2019
See the collaborative cinematic poems crafted by regional poets and filmmakers come to fruition in this exclusive, one-night-only event
Four local dispensaries reopen amid state changes
Jan. 23 2019
Four medical marijuana dispensaries are back open for business in Lansing after state officials overturned industry regulations and allowed about 70 dispensaries to re-open statewide
Rotary park signing
Community Foundation matches 11 private donations
Jan. 22 2019
Big plans are underway for some Grand River frontage in downtown Lansing. Mayor Andy Schor signed an executive order today to rename a slice of parkland between the Lansing City Market and the Shiawassee...
Jan. 22 2019
A collection of over 7,000 artifacts reflecting African-American life from the days of Jim Crow to Colin Kaepernick comes to East Lansing in a mobile museum
Jan. 19 2019
Lansing’s off the wall cardboard creations will careen down the slopes of the Gier Community Center today with weather permitting. Luckily, the weather forecast estimates a 70 percent chance of snowfall...
Jan. 18 2019
City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz interviews Michael Lucas, esteem adult filmmaker and gay rights activist. The two discuss Lucas' amazing backstory and his feelings on current issues affecting...
Jan. 18 2019
A proposed aquaculture project could make Michigan the first state to commercially raise African longfin eel, a species native to the Western Indian Ocean and a popular food in Japan, China and South...
Jan. 18 2019
Fake news! We read it, wittingly or unwittingly. We hear it and watch it– and sometimes talk about it and post it and pass it on
Jan. 18 2019
The idea behind reducing supervision fees paid by individuals on parole or probation is, surprisingly, to raise money
Jan. 18 2019
A state loan reimbursement program is working to attract obstetricians to Northern Michigan, and while it’s been “beneficial,” there’s still a ways to go to address these rural...
Jan. 18 2019
A group that advocates for the safety of women and the elderly is pushing to legalize stun guns in Michigan for people who are at least 21
Gender, racial disparities still pervade local municipalities
Jan. 18 2019
A City Pulse investigation revealed several key disparities among employees hired within townships, cities and other governmental agencies within the Greater Lansing region. The overarching trend: Municipalities...
Jan. 18 2019
Audio Air Force is giving the 1954 Cold War anxiety science fiction film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” an old-time radio makeover, complete with live sound effects and local actors
Six downtown streets scheduled to shift by 2020
Jan. 18 2019
Six, one-way streets in downtown Lansing will soon shift to two-lane traffic by 2020
Unlicensed facilities to reopen with untested products
Jan. 18 2019
About 70 unlicensed, medical marijuana facilities can reopen across the state as officials overturn industry regulations, unkink the supply chain and move to bolster patient access in Michigan
Jan. 17 2019
Monumental themes like civil rights, the Vietnam War and women’s equality are common storylines for baby boomer novels. Lansing author Diane Petryk has added the space race to the fray with her new...
Jan. 17 2019
Cheng, a New York native from Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, moved to Lansing in the early 2000s with his parents and started longtime Lansing Chinese takeout staple China Garden on Mt. Hope
Jan. 17 2019
It was the last time they saw each other. In April 1968, five days after King was shot, Franklin sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” to mourners at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Nearly...
Jan. 17 2019
A musical perfect for the cold, wintry landscape of January in Michigan has arrived at the Wharton Center. The Broadway tour of “Anastasia,” the fictionalized tale of the royal Romanov family’s...