Oct. 25 2018
“The third shifters are hanging on and they are having fun with the jukebox playing. Lunch people come in and think ‘Wow, who are these people partying so hard in the morning?’ I have...
Oct. 25 2018
“There isn't really a lot of resources for printing in Lansing, but T-shirts and apparel are things everyone loves,” Kristen said. “We learned to print with the intention of opening a...
Oct. 25 2018
The board has led our district to wonderful achievements for the children in our schools. Despite receiving the lowest possible foundation grant per pupil, Williamston Community Schools beat out neighboring...
The biggest stars in the bar: Lansing musicians keep taverns rocking
Oct. 25 2018
Shut up and play the hits. And play the hits they do. Any barhopper accustomed to Lansing’s scene will be familiar with the numerous bands that perform anywhere from the Green Door to the Unicorn....
FB-IMG-15402358406681 (1)
Oct. 25 2018
Starting off as a dishwasher for Saddleback BBQ after moving to Lansing in 2015, Nick Drumm, 23, is now one of the smoke pit eatery’s co-owners. Over the years, Drumm learned the tricks of the trade...
Oct. 25 2018
Becker, who is in late mid-life, is loosely in charge of the group. He suffers stoically through the horrendous consequences of a gut wrenching back story. He has a son imprisoned for murder, a quagmire...
Oct. 25 2018
The Archives of Michigan, the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Genealogical Council have pulled together a day-long program for beginners and advanced genealogists. Genealogy web sites trail only porn...
Oct. 25 2018
For the first time, Mayor Andy Schor has suggested Lansing could build a new City Hall. And it could be — “could” being the operative word — on the long undeveloped Seven Block...
1135 East Grand River Ave. East Lansing
Oct. 25 2018
Even the vibrant signage on the storefront does not detract from the bold roof forms that define this iconic building, now Bell’s Pizza. Constructed in 1963, the building formerly housed Dawn Donuts...
County officials bank on millage renewal
Oct. 25 2018
Voters will soon be asked to extend Ingham County’s Farmland and Open Space Preservation Initiative for another 10 years. The millage renewal will keep taxes flat and aims to shield certain lands...
Oct. 25 2018
In this brightly lit setting, for five of six introduced “parts,” three characters share weird dialogue. As the hour-long play progresses, most of the obscure chatter seems to relate to video...
Dunnings distances campaign from ‘heinous’ family missteps
Oct. 24 2018
The last name Dunnings once lined the pages of a familiar African American success story. And one local judicial candidate is personally working to ensure her namesake can again return to its former glory
Oct. 24 2018
Finally! Shakespeare that isn’t just for Shakespeare nuts. Instead of a striving to be a conventional Shakespeare production, Peppermint Creek’s “Shakespeare in Love” edges toward...
Oct. 22 2018
Opened in 1954 as the cornerstone of the Frandor Shopping Center, Lansing’s Sears is not on Sears Holdings’ 142 store closures list issued last week after it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Oct. 19 2018
City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz interviews 24th district candidate Kelly Rossman-McKinney about her bipartisan brand of politics, and Lansing Mayor Andy Schor about medical marijuana and...
Public invited to big reveal next week
Oct. 19 2018
An “explosive celebration” scheduled for next Thursday afternoon will likely provide additional details about a professional soccer team slated to hit the field next year at the Cooley Law...
181018blues (1)
Oct. 18 2018
Two twangy blues duos take over the Robin Theatre for a classic night of Americana music with the theme “Meet Me at the Crossroads.”
Oct. 18 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) In her poem "Shedding Skin," Harryette Mullen compares her own transformation to the action a snake periodically carries out to renew itself. Since you now have an excellent opportunity...
Oct. 18 2018
Standup comedian Shane Mauss’ Friday show at the Fledge, “A Good Trip,” a 90-minute performance centered around psychedelic drugs, combines the sensibilities of his regular routine and...
Oct. 18 2018
Creeping out of coffins, caves and cauldrons, Lansing’s witches and war-locks saddle up on their broomsticks flying toward Cedar Street to conjure up a boogie extravaganza. Dress up in a costume...