March 19 2019
Wahlburgers may be coming to East Lansing, with an assist from former Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
March 19 2019
Residents near Ormond Park have settled their suit against the city but remain disappointed
Compensation Commission backs off 12.5 percent raises
March 14 2019
Lansing’s Elected Officers Compensation Commission outlined a new recommendation today to increase pay for elected officials by 8.8 percent over three years
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Area churches cope with Methodist split over gay marriage
March 14 2019
March winds knocked on the doors of Williamston United Methodist Church Sunday as Pastor Linda Stephan told her congregation she was giving up “a number of things” for Lent. She warmed...
That’s the $2.5 billion question — and 45 cents a gallon isn’t the answer.
March 14 2019
The 45-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax hike that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed last week isn’t going to happen
March 14 2019
2206 W. Jolly Road A recent reader nomination brings us to this week’s “really terrible” southside eyesore, but this one probably would’ve made our listings at some point regardless....
Ingham Co Jail
Pregnant woman spent needless week in Ingham County jail, judge says
March 14 2019
After repeated winter-weather closures at the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, a 22-year-old pregnant woman was forced to spend an unnecessary week behind bars, said 55th District Judge Thomas...
March 14 2019
The funny thing is people might think this is my favorite thing because I get out on the motorcycle and sing, but I sing in my car, shower and walking down the street. Singing is a byproduct of my freedom,...
Salary panel looks to replace years of lost wages
March 12 2019
Most members of the Lansing City Council spurned a recent recommendation to beef up their paychecks next year, sending salary-setting officials back to the drawing board to craft another plan
Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth calls it a great opportunity; county commissioners are not so sure.
March 12 2019
The long-running TV show “Cops” plans to film in Ingham County, offering what Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth labeled a “great opportunity” to showcase local law enforcement officers
March 11 2019
Bigger paychecks could soon be on the way for elected leaders in the city of Lansing.
March 8 2019
The former chief of the Lansing Fire Department said today that he quit last year because the workplace became “extremely uncomfortable” after Andy Schor took office as mayor
March 7 2019
The question of what my favorite thing is really threw me for a loop. I have some pretty interesting objects, but none of them are my favorite thing. In the context of me stepping down as poet laureate,...
March 7 2019
Enter the working solution: Russel Church, Ingham County’s newly arrived chief public defender. Church — through a multi-million-dollar injection of state funding — was hired in January...
Democratic presidential candidates outnumber paczkis at annual Fat Tuesday party.
March 7 2019
Someone named “Hickenlooper” hopped into the 2020 Democratic presidential sweepstakes. In case you missed it
Trump can’t win. He can only hope the other guy loses. You’re going to hear the S-word a lot.
March 7 2019
This should be freeing: Democrats can pick the candidate who inspires them, who best speaks to their values, who can take a punch and return one in kind, and not worry about gaming the politics. It’ll...
March 7 2019
Former Ingham County Commissioner Dennis Louney received a $100 fine following allegations he broke campaign finance law by misusing his county email address to promote his unsuccessful primary reelection...
March 7 2019
This is where it starts to get real. A national consultant met with Lansing’s art community last week to explore the long-cherished dream of a downtown performing arts center
March 7 2019
Expressing disappointment that the latest class of Lansing firefighters was apparently all white men, Mayor Andy Schor issued new guidelines today for improving diversity in hiring
Draft ordinance inches closer to passage
March 7 2019
Electric scooters are headed back to Greater Lansing. And they’re bringing cash