Jan. 17 2019
The 72-year-old veteran has some “strong opinions” about what he called understated consequences of smoking pot. Studies show early use could hinder brain development. Hall also claimed most...
Jan. 17 2019
Not everyone there supports the business side of the industry, he said. And he might understand the market more than most. Harns is also the spokesman for Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory...
Jan. 17 2019
Another $85 million for a “learning center” and underground parking ramp was too much. And once the geothermal holes started being drilled into the Capitol’s west lawn, the thought was...
Jan. 17 2019
But as officials prepare to come to the table, the potential for cost savings isn’t necessarily clear. And results from a recent survey indicate most people are already satisfied with their courtroom...
Jan. 15 2019
TUESDAY, Jan. 15 — As a statewide medical marijuana shortage continues to pervade Michigan, a newly formed trade association aims to streamline the licensing process and provide a unified voice for
Jan. 15 2019
We know the frequent knock on former 8th District Congressman Mike Bishop. He never seemed to be around Lansing. Fair or not, it felt like is his public visits were few and far between
Jan. 14 2019
Nominations are now open for the city of East Lansing’s annual Crystal Awards, where those who make “outstanding contributions” to the community are honored for “passion and commitment...
Jan. 14 2019
A new chief has arrived at the Lansing Fire Department
Jan. 11 2019
Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant, an Old Town staple, received the Lansing Economic Development Corporation’s initial approval to plant new roots in REO Town at the former Standard Oil “Red...
Jan. 11 2019
Kyle Kaminski’s “Private Government Emails Raise Transparency Concerns,” posted online Jan. 9, did not misquote me but merely reduced me to a black-and-white cartoon
180110 RINK
Jan. 10 2019
Bust out the skates. A new ice rink opens today at Washington Park — if it is cold enough
Legal medical marijuana drought keeps licensed shops shuttered
Jan. 10 2019
“Many patients will see their local stores close, making a hardship for sick and ill individuals,” according to Rick Thompson, a founding board member at the Michigan chapter of the National...
'Very difficult decision;' search begins immediately
Jan. 10 2019
Taking over the entire museum for several weeks, “The Transported Man” ran the gamut from a jaw-dropping upside-down, lifesized elephant sculpture by Daniel Firman to a tent full of real, flashing...
Jan. 10 2019
Nancy Pelosi is back as U.S. House speaker and it’s not because new U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, voted for her
Supervisor: Prohibition could be lifted
Jan. 8 2019
Despite widespread voter support, elected officials in Delta Township have turned their backs on the recreational marijuana market with a unanimous vote to ban the industry within their borders
Wood backtracks on 2016 election criticism
Jan. 8 2019
Overcoming the sentiments she expressed two years that a candidate for reelection should not be president of the Lansing City Council, Carol Wood accepted a second term as the Council’s head last...
Jan. 7 2019
Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner said it’s a necessity for public officials to use private email to conduct public business. Otherwise, he argues, nothing would get done
Peter Spadafore expected to nab vice presidency
Jan. 4 2019
A new vice president will likely be installed on Lansing’s City Council next week, but not without the vehement objection of one councilwoman who’d much rather have her son take the job
Local leaders outline vision for 2019
Jan. 3 2019
“We should focus on the betterment of the tri-county region. Too often, conversation centers on Washington, D.C., or one party or another. Elected officials need to focus on their responsibilities...
Jan. 3 2019
At times during the lame duck session, Capitol creatures wondered aloud, “Where is Gretchen Whitmer? What is she doing?” For much of December, the Republican-led House and Senate passed legislation...