Louney, Pena accused of separate violations
July 19 2018
Byrum’s letter charges that Louney had repeatedly used his county email address to disseminate campaign literature. Byrum emphasized that taxpayers fund Louney’s office — and his email...
Candidates discuss priorities ahead of primary election
July 19 2018
City Pulse reached out to each of the 15 candidates seeking election in contested races to discuss their priorities.Two candidates didn’t return phone calls. One has since suspended her campaign
The 2018 Primary Election preview
July 19 2018
Once upon a time, City Pulse published its election preview guide the last issue before the election. But absentee voting has changed the election landscape. Thus, starting last year, City Pulse began...
Historic homes near downtown face uncertain future
July 19 2018
The 1876 Richard and Deborah Glaister House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March 2017, was sold in June to Set Seg, a nonprofit insurance company with offices at 415 W. Kalamazoo...
County trail millage finally meets the road Aug. 1
July 12 2018
It’s a hard pill to swallow for avid trail users, but the work has never been more sorely needed. Nearly four years after Ingham County voters approved a Parks and Trails millage that brings in $3.4...
July 12 2018
County Commissioner Dennis Louney, who represents the east side of Lansing, raised a motion in the finance committee earlier this year to approve $2.25 million in bonds for the Ferley Consolidated Drain...
July 12 2018
Inspired by presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and fueled by an idealistic generation frustrated by the wealth amassed by large corporations, today’s version of left-wing politics is an aggressive,...
cityhall (1 of 1)
July 11 2018
WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 — With no explanation, Let Lansing Vote abruptly opted to drop its lawsuit against City Clerk Chris Swope, effectively halting a year-long case that sought to revamp the state...
Does Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope have a right to be wrong?
July 8 2018
City officials argued he does in an ongoing lawsuit that threatens to upend Lansing’s medical marijuana industry, potentially forcing all of the city’s pot shops to close as early as later...
Council urges state to revoke license at Binni’s
July 5 2018
Binni’s Bar and Grill — tucked into an unkept plaza at the corner of Washington Avenue and Miller Road in south Lansing— is likely to go unnoticed to the average daytime passerby. There’s...
City clerk files for personal protection order against applicant’s husband
July 5 2018
Chelsey Barron, a local provisioning center applicant and would-be owner at GotMeds, earlier this year was disheartened to learn she didn’t make the cut for a limited number of dispensary licenses...
June 28 2018
“We’ll be burning them using a centuries-old Japanese method called ‘Shou Sugi Ban,’ which literally translated means burn cedar board,” Fowler said. “Burning the boards...
Refugees, immigrants face steepest hurdles in decades
June 28 2018
The fight over the separation of refugee families at the United States border is part of a bigger picture that has Lansing-area refugee support workers deeply concerned: the sharpest drop in refugee resettlement,...
June 28 2018
As the large-scale construction in downtown East Lansing has shifted the city’ s cultural events to the intersection of Bailey and Albert streets, the collection of artistic fence panels installed...
But nature will retaliate
June 28 2018
In the last half of June, visitors to the Potter Park Zoo and passersby on the Lansing River Trail got an eerie feeling near the parking lot pay booth. The expansive parkland north of the booth somehow...
Council sets public hearing, questions sale price
June 28 2018
The City Council on Monday unanimously greenlighted the Red Cedar redevelopment project — often labeled the Red Cedar Renaissance or the “Gateway to Lansing” — for a public hearing...
June 28 2018
And Smith isn’t shy about highlighting those, too, as he swims upstream against a candidate generating attention from Newsweek, NBC News and other national news outlets. The same candidate who is...
June 21 2018
Michigan is constitutionally required to balance its budget every year, which means legislators don’t have much appetite to slide special projects into the $56 billion document. This year, legislative...
June 21 2018
The Michigan LGBTQ community celebrated gay pride month starting Thursday with the City Pulse Awards program at Spiral, then Friday at the White Party in three venues in Old Town; then Saturday, first...
June 21 2018
More than 120 Larry Nassar survivors are urging the Michigan State University Board of Trustees to can interim President John Engler for suggesting in a private email during the height of settlement negotiations...