Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson ‘resigns,’ local committee members quit
May 3 2018
VOA Board Chairman Don McCann confirmed the departure of Patterson, which is being called a “resignation.” He said that Patterson’s predecessor, Alex Brodrick, has come out of retirement...
May 3 2018
Four Williamston Community School Board members are unlikely to face an immediate petition drive for their recall after Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Patrick Conlin invalidated recall language approved...
Her name is Elissa Slotkin. Her game is beating Mike Bishop.
May 3 2018
“How many people here have had to take their car to the shop in last 12 months for a bent rim or some other repair because you’ve hit a pothole? Let’s see a show of hands,” Slotkin...
Old School for Boys’ site may hold history’s secrets
May 3 2018
For decades, a stretch of green space dotted with trees has spanned the distance between Lansing Eastern High School’s parking lot on the south and Orchard Street on the north. Buried underneath,...
1005 Abbot Road East Lansing
May 3 2018
Since this building was built in 1965, it carries the characteristics of its Midcentury Modern predecessors, expressing them in a more mature version of the era’s style that introduces regional influences...
Longtime Lansing exec Patrick Patterson 'resigns,' local committee members quit
May 2 2018
Patrick Patterson and the Volunteers of America Michigan, which named him president and CEO just July, have parted ways over “differences.”
Monument to tragedy 123 N. Hayford Ave., Lansing
April 27 2018
Monument to tragedy 123 N. Hayford Ave., Lansing
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The hidden horrors of Lansing’s City Hall
April 26 2018
The city wants to offload the aging equipment, drafty walls, crumbling plaza and other headaches and sell City Hall to a private developer with pockets deep enough to give the building a new life, perhaps...
City looks for transformative proposal for historic home
April 26 2018
When Eugene Cooley ordered the construction of the three-story Colonial Revival home here in Lansing, the city was booming. The home, now called the Cooley Haze House, was for his son, and sat among rows...
Lawmaker takes action to close ‘loophole’ in Michigan laws
April 19 2018
Lansing Township Police Chief Adam Kline confirmed that Timothy Olin, 30, stole the semiautomatic handgun after renting it from Total Firearms in Delhi Township. He took the weapon to JoAnn Fabrics and...
Local clerks say they’re ready for the Russians
April 19 2018
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum said the 2018 elections will “absolutely” go forward, even if hackers take out the whole power grid. In the event of a cyberattack, she said, paper ballots will...
April 19 2018
He could have been a master gardener, cashing in on what is expected to be Michigan’s next big cash crop. That’s if Henry Meyer hadn’t been busted with so much pot the Drug Enforcement...
Surprises liven up walking tour of Baker neighborhood
April 19 2018
I started my walking tour of Lansing’s plucky Baker neighborhood late Wednesday afternoon by flashlight, picking my way through the broken toilets and random debris of a cavernous 1925 school. I...
Time to ask hard questions of BWL
April 19 2018
Opposition to the Board of Water and Light’s (BWL’s) plans to build a new gasfired power plant in Lansing appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The BWL Commission approved the bidding unanimously....
DeWeese seeks political comeback
April 19 2018
“As a physician, I was one of the people they’d say, ‘You really pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps.’ That’s nonsense. I had to study hard, but if it wasn’t for...
Pot playing a role in Dems’ AG choice
April 12 2018
Labor is playing a big role as usual, but when Democrats gather in Cobo Hall in Detroit on Sunday, Dana Nessel and Pat Miles’ track records on pot prosecutions will be a hot topic. Nessel is best...
A different roadmap for energy
April 12 2018
Many thanks to the City Pulse for coverage on the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s proposed gas plant and the citizen push back. The BWL announced last December its plans to build another fracked...
City missing $7.5 million in revenue from income tax
April 12 2018
Harry Gaskin IV was accused last May of failing to file six years’ worth of city of Lansing income tax papers. His total overdue tax bill, according to court records, was $730, plus $145.23 in penalties...
April 12 2018
Cedar St., in Mason, according to Lansing Township police Chief Adam Kline. Olin would have taken the gun in a box into the firing range. There, police said, Olin practiced using it
April 12 2018
Tax Day is quickly approaching, and I’d like to remind those who live or work in Lansing that it’s also time to file and pay city income taxes. By city ordinance, Lansing residents are required...