Schor and Council could tangle over Bernero’s secret McIntyre documents
Jan. 4 2018
The issue is twofold. The first question centers on the City Council president waiving attorney client privilege asserted by the mayor. The second deals with the City Attorney’s Office and its conflict...
Jan. 4 2018
On his first full day in office, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor made his first official act to unveil the new Caesar E. Chavez Ave. sign to a crowd of over 50 people Tuesday afternoon at the corner of Turner...
Jan. 4 2018
Not so much. Michael Lynn III is one of four student football players — the LCHS 4 — who knelt in protest during the national anthem at football games in 2017, in the manner of national figures...
Did Pat Gillespie bump a protester at Lansing Catholic game?
Jan. 4 2018
Soon after the Dec. 8 Lansing Catholic vs. Williamston High School basketball game at Williamston, allegations began to spread on social media that developer Pat Gillespie, a Lansing Catholic alumnus with...
Jan. 3 2018
After a start very false, Bernero says “Twelve years: enough as chief executive.” Despite lame duck status,a gulf like SuezDid remain with Council, adversative.Undeterred Angry Mayor did push...
Winter no problem for Meridian farmers market
Dec. 21 2017
On the opposite end of the market, Adam Ulbin, bakery manager for Stonehearth Bakery of Brooklyn, Michigan, stood over an array of baked goods He chatted up customers as they viewed his bread, particularly...
Most pot license applicants not from Lansing
Dec. 21 2017
The marijuana cash run is on, and an analysis of publicly available data on applicants shows that only 37 percent of the business applicants have a Lansing mailing address
"At a time when we have climate change deniers in power in Washington, we have our local utility embracing an environmentally sustainable future for metro Lansing." - Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
Dec. 21 2017
BWL General Manager Dick Peffley said that with the new plant on line, the utility will be completely coal-free by the time the aging Erickson Station closes in 2025. The utility’s other baseload...
$25 million, 4-story plan offers 145 apartments, 7,000 sq. feet of commercial and retail space
Dec. 21 2017
After years of stop and go attempts to develop the old downtown YMCA location, property owner Julie Lawton-Essa said Monday that she has financing for a four-story, $25 million apartment, commercial and...
Bernero tells pot businesses to license or face consequences
Dec. 14 2017
Marijuana businesses in Lansing are facing strict deadlines to get their applications for licensing submitted or face closure. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who completes his third and last term Jan. 1,...
Dec. 14 2017
We knew it would be a tight race. State Sen. Virg Bernero was challenging Lansing Mayor Tony Benavides, who by dint of being president of the City Council had been anointed mayor after David Holister quit...
Lansing, East Lansing, Windsor Twp. only localities to opt into state medical marijuana licensing
Dec. 14 2017
To allow or not to allow — that is the question for communities across Michigan when it comes to medical marijuana facilities. Many municipalities in the greater Lansing area are taking the wait-and-see...
After citizens reject an income tax, everything is on the table
Dec. 14 2017
City Manager George Lahanas, during a special City Council meeting Sunday, provided a memo of potential cuts to parks and recreation. That hypothetical proposal includes yanking all support from the city...
Dec. 14 2017
By temperament, and perhaps talent, Virg Bernero always had the political makings of a mayor. He chafed at the measured pace of a county legislator, state representative and senator, his pre-mayoral elected...
Schor announces department head choices
Dec. 14 2017
Mayor-elect Andy Schor has announced the 12 members of his cabinet. Four are new faces to city government and eight are familiar ones. Here’s who’s who and what they’re doing
Schor plans to target neighborhood economic development
Dec. 14 2017
With a push and pull tension between neighborhoods and large scale developments long gnawing at city government, incoming Mayor Andy Schor is reshuffling his departments and cabinet leaders to send a message:...
City to strike against dispensaries not seeking licenses
Dec. 7 2017
Under the recently adopted city ordinance, 25 provisioning center licenses will be issued over the next year. Twenty licenses are up for grabs in this first phase, as required under the ordinance. The...
Dec. 7 2017
Meridian Township’s three PICAs are Carriage Hills on the northwest corner of Hagadorn and Lake Lansing roads; Okemos’ Four Corners, also known as Downtown Okemos, south of Grand River Avenue;...
Wood and Washington likely to lead Lansing City Council
Dec. 7 2017
Looking to avoid the tribal struggle that delayed the leadership decision last year by nearly a month, the 2018 City Council is poised to approve Councilwomen Carol Wood and Jody Washington to leadership...
Nov. 30 2017
“Last year, in the period I probably enrolled about 50, so far I’ve only got one,” said Denise Paquette, the outreach and engagement director at the Allen Neighborhood Center, 1611 E....