Feb. 4 2019
Michigan once pioneered in enacting freedom of information and open meetings – transparency – laws. The rationale was that information held by our government at the local and state levels belongs...
Nothing, says poet John Sinclair — which is why he is suing
Feb. 4 2019
John Sinclair is famous for many things. He’s a poet, civil rights activist and, certainly not least, one of Michigan’s leading potheads
Jan. 31 2019
They don't have the seniority to be in the negotiating room, but U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, the Holly Democrat who represents Ingham County, and 20 other congressional freshmen want to put pressure on the...
Jan. 30 2019
This vast home was constructed in 1926 for Ray and Sarah Potter, its grandeur reflecting the socialite owners and the impact realized by their family in the development of the greater Lansing area. Potter...
Jan. 30 2019
The City Council hopes a soon-to-launch advisory committee, designed solely to explore the future of the center, will guide improvements and programming for the next decade. Revenues and taxpayer-funded...
Jan. 30 2019
• Engler, by and large, did the job he was hired to do: Protect MSU’s finances. There was no reason for trustees to apologize to anyone when they accepted his resignation. Instead, trustees...
Jan. 30 2019
On the board is a list of chores and tasks related to The Fledge like washing dishes in exchange for usage of the building's music studio. In theory, when members of The Fledge do dishes, other members...
Jan. 28 2019
A board member at Williamston Community Schools could face fines from the Michigan Bureau of Elections after she was anonymously exposed for a string of alleged campaign finance violations
But she’s less comfortable with his $200,000 fee for speech
Jan. 25 2019
U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin defended former Vice President Joe Biden today for his controversial praise of a Republican congressman from Michigan in the heat of the November General Election
Salaries up 2 percent for all non-judicial county elected officials
Jan. 25 2019
It’s not “terribly attractive” to serve on Ingham County’s Board of Commissioners, explained Mark Grebner. The hours are long. The salaries are small. And the workload can pile...
Peers praise Satish Upda for empathy, expertise, tone
Jan. 24 2019
In its first week under the microscope, the particle has already demonstrated that it attracts rather than repels. A gentleman and a scholar, a collaborator and a listener, a University Distinguished Professor...
Frances Park nets $200K cash infusion
Jan. 24 2019
As the unofficial flower queen of the capital city, Knostman had developed Frances Park into her throne. She lived across the street and regularly strolled the woodland trails and expansive rose gardens...
Community Foundation matches 11 private donations
Jan. 24 2019
Mayor Andy Schor signed an executive order Tuesday to name a slice of parkland between the Lansing City Market and the Shiawassee Street Bridge. And Rotary Park, as it will now be known, will soon encompass...
18 years vacant, Oliver Towers finally gets a makeover
Jan. 24 2019
After nearly 20 vacant years and a dozen false starts and failed plans, the eight-story former senior apartment complex at the corner of Ionia Street and Capitol Avenue is finally getting a full-on, $14...
Presidential search continues under new leadership
Jan. 24 2019
With John Engler’s resignation as president of Michigan State University, officials there hope to craft a renewed vision of healing and accountability on campus. It’s a refreshing mentality...
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Lansing city clerk
Jan. 24 2019
Greenwave Provisioning Center remains closed after losing a legal battle yesterday with the city of Lansing
Jan. 24 2019
U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, earned high praise Wednesday from neighboring U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton. The six-term House member said on statewide radio that if the freshman from the 8th District,...
Jan. 24 2019
What a difference four years makes in the land of Lansing city politics. With three months until the April 23 candidate filing deadline, the scuttlebutt on potential challengers for the four City Council...
Four local dispensaries reopen amid state changes
Jan. 23 2019
Four medical marijuana dispensaries are back open for business in Lansing after state officials overturned industry regulations and allowed about 70 dispensaries to re-open statewide
Rotary park signing
Community Foundation matches 11 private donations
Jan. 22 2019
Big plans are underway for some Grand River frontage in downtown Lansing. Mayor Andy Schor signed an executive order today to rename a slice of parkland between the Lansing City Market and the Shiawassee...