Jan. 10 2019
Nancy Pelosi is back as U.S. House speaker and it’s not because new U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, voted for her
Supervisor: Prohibition could be lifted
Jan. 8 2019
Despite widespread voter support, elected officials in Delta Township have turned their backs on the recreational marijuana market with a unanimous vote to ban the industry within their borders
Wood backtracks on 2016 election criticism
Jan. 8 2019
Overcoming the sentiments she expressed two years that a candidate for reelection should not be president of the Lansing City Council, Carol Wood accepted a second term as the Council’s head last...
Jan. 7 2019
Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner said it’s a necessity for public officials to use private email to conduct public business. Otherwise, he argues, nothing would get done
Peter Spadafore expected to nab vice presidency
Jan. 4 2019
A new vice president will likely be installed on Lansing’s City Council next week, but not without the vehement objection of one councilwoman who’d much rather have her son take the job
Local leaders outline vision for 2019
Jan. 3 2019
“We should focus on the betterment of the tri-county region. Too often, conversation centers on Washington, D.C., or one party or another. Elected officials need to focus on their responsibilities...
Jan. 3 2019
At times during the lame duck session, Capitol creatures wondered aloud, “Where is Gretchen Whitmer? What is she doing?” For much of December, the Republican-led House and Senate passed legislation...
Jan. 3 2019
Popularized as a way to create a micro city under one roof, mixed-use buildings can contain residential, retail, commercial and light industrial space. These buildings also provide a way to reinvigorate...
Jan. 3 2019
People don’t really make the world go ‘round — it’s something to do with angular momentum. People do put a unique spin on Greater Lansing, though, and City Pulse's annual "People...
Ten of the most newsworthy stories over the last 12 months
Dec. 27 2018
Important stories abounded, among them: The fiery death of a mother and child in public housing in Lansing, which led to replacing the head of the Lansing Housing Commission and a hard look at conditions;...
Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and the public mural by Nanibah Chacon
Dec. 27 2018
National turmoil and turbulence made 2018 a tough year for many immigrants, but in the heart of Lansing’s Old Town, the year was bookended by two changes that celebrated the city’s immigrant...
Dec. 27 2018
Once his second in charge, Brian Calley, lost the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Snyder lost interest in politics. Sure, he showed up at a fundraiser here and there, but screaming from his bully...
Ingham County
Officials look to beef up animal welfare laws
Dec. 26 2018
City officials are looking to update state law and ramp up enforcement following complaints about neighborhood dogs, repeatedly left out in the cold to whine throughout the winter nights
Another Lansing pot shop nets state license
Dec. 21 2018
With a nod from the state, a second medical marijuana dispensary is licensed in Lansing
Lawmakers greenlight court consolidation
Dec. 21 2018
Legislation to unify Ingham County’s district courtrooms headed to the governor’s desk after state senators approved a bill last night that could trigger the consolidation
McLaren donates new space to mental health volunteers
Dec. 20 2018
Last month, some people worried about political wrangling over Thanksgiving turkey, but there are worse things. Just before the holiday, Kevin Keeler girded himself for a call from a nephew, who had serious...
Dec. 20 2018
The Michigan Legislature is entering new territory with its fourth week of lame duck. Research conducted by MIRS, Gongwer and The Ballenger Report can find no lame duck — that period of legislative...
Southside residents push for renovating McLaren
Dec. 20 2018
Schor has kept his options open as regional efforts to consolidate district-level courtrooms gain momentum. Before plans could ever be hatched for a new city hall, officials needed to first decide where...
Dec. 20 2018
Walnut Park Apartments opened in early November with 72 new units built from the ground up. The company plans on restoring the Michigan School for the Blind’s main building with 60 senior apartments...
Fight goes on with city over City Market site
Dec. 20 2018
Waterfront Bar & Grill still clings to life inside the Lansing City Market while it wages a legal battle against the city of Lansing. But the owner has already locked down another location as he prepares...