Nov. 29 2018
Ingham County commissioners are looking to condemn what they labeled as “racially charged” statements made by 54-B District Court Judge Andrea Larkin against mixing college students with those...
Larkin: Specialty courts jeopardized in merger
Nov. 29 2018
“I’ve never understood this concept of big government being equated to good government, especially in terms of the courts,” Larkin said. “We have these three branches of government....
Nov. 29 2018
“They ignore the voiced concerns of township citizens about the need to have a well-qualified candidate with financial management skills selected and to not break the trust the citizens have in their...
Nov. 29 2018
(The authors, 54B District judges Andrea Larkin and Richard Ball of East Lansing, are responding to the news article in last week’s City Pulse on Larkin’s views on mixing college students and...
Nov. 28 2018
Lansing City Council — in an effort to skirt past an ordinance that bans alcohol within city buildings — declared a public health emergency yesterday. Officials said the maneuver was the only...
City considers dropping lawsuit against state
Nov. 28 2018
Ten dispensaries in Lansing are one step closer to state-level licensure after local officials reinterpreted a court order and granted them conditional approval to sell medical marijuana in the city
Cokie Roberts to speak at MSU
Nov. 22 2018
There was a tremendous desire for change in the country in 2016, as there is pretty much every year, truth be told. But he represented that and spoke to the hopes and frustrations of a lot of people who...
Nov. 21 2018
By an 8-0 vote, the City Council’s Committee of the Whole has recommended the appointment of David Lenz, of Lansing, to serve on the BWL board of directors through 2021
Regional leaders urge apology from East Lansing chief judge
Nov. 21 2018
54-B District Court Judge Andrea Larkin is under fire after suggesting that she wants to protect college students from jailbirds facing “more dangerous” felonies within the city of Lansing
East Lansing judge urges separation
Nov. 21 2018
East Lansing Judge Andrea Larkin wants to protect college students from Lansing jailbirds
Waterfront Bar & Grill loses lawsuit over lease extension
Nov. 16 2018
The doors at Waterfront Bar & Grill are still open, but likely not for long. Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk tossed out a lawsuit on Wednesday that the riverside restaurant had levied...
Unnamed employee faces ‘extensive’ injuries
Nov. 15 2018
The city of Lansing, faced with the possibility of losing a lawsuit, will pay thousands of dollars to an unnamed former employee, who city officials said suffered “extensive” injuries while...
Judge ponders arguments over potential shutdown
Nov. 15 2018
After a four-hour hearing on Friday, Michigan Court of Claims Judge Stephen L. Borrello left in place his temporary restraining order against a state-mandated shutdown of more than 200 unlicensed dispensaries...
Nov. 15 2018
Michigan’s incoming governor, secretary of state and attorney general are women. A record 51 women are coming to the state Legislature, topping the previous record of 37 by 46 percent. Michigan’s...
Williamston board president unseated in recall election
Nov. 15 2018
Three trustees — Nancy Deal, Sarah Belanger and Christopher Lewis — were able to survive the recall effort. But Greg Talberg, the school board’s president, lost to Karen Potter, an opponent...
1924 Coolidge Road East Lansing
Nov. 15 2018
Congregation Shaarey Zedek (meaning ‘Gates of Righteousness’) recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the signing of its Articles of Association. After merging with a younger congregation...
BWL alters policy after push by LightSpeed Communications
Nov. 13 2018
Fiber-speed internet connections are poised to spread rapidly throughout the capital city as officials at the Lansing Board of Water & Light look to adjust their policies on utility pole attachments
Public hearing scheduled for $10 million reimbursement
Nov. 12 2018
Meijer has Pat Gillespie’s back against a wall
Nov. 9 2018
The uncertain future facing license-pending medical marijuana dispensaries will continue to hang in the balance, at least over the weekend, while a judge mulls over arguments at today’s hearing on...
Council members learn from licensing ‘headaches’ in Lansing
Nov. 8 2018
At least a few pot shops could soon line the edges of East Lansing after its City Council collectively agreed to dip their toes into the lucrative waters of retail medical marijuana sales