June 21 2018
Michigan is constitutionally required to balance its budget every year, which means legislators don’t have much appetite to slide special projects into the $56 billion document. This year, legislative...
June 21 2018
The Michigan LGBTQ community celebrated gay pride month starting Thursday with the City Pulse Awards program at Spiral, then Friday at the White Party in three venues in Old Town; then Saturday, first...
June 21 2018
More than 120 Larry Nassar survivors are urging the Michigan State University Board of Trustees to can interim President John Engler for suggesting in a private email during the height of settlement negotiations...
4132 Hagadorn Road (Hinterman Dental) Okemos
June 21 2018
Even without such documentation, one need only look at the river rock walls to conclude that it predates the modern building above. The foundation most likely served as the original lower level to the...
180620Inclusion (1 of 1)
June 19 2018
The 3rd Annual City Pulse LGBTQ Inclusion Awards. Seven community members and Williamston Community Schools are awarded for their outstanding LGBTQ activism. June is pride month and Lansing is all about...
City reopens bidding for historic home
June 14 2018
A request for proposals to purchase the building expired April 26 without a single submission.The new process ends at 2 p.m. Aug. 22. The Colonial Revival house sits between Cooley Gardens and the new...
Fatal blaze calls attention to housing inspection failings
June 14 2018
A bouquet of pink and white roses and a small stem of plastic flowers sit underneath a light pole just outside unit 2436 of the LeRoy Froh Housing Complex. Just beyond, the unit itself is closed off by...
June 14 2018
She was referring to the former general manager of the Lansing Board of Water & Light, who left town for a New York vacation during the catastrophic ice storm in December 2013. He was ultimately fired...
June 14 2018
Last week’s state House votes to repeal the state’s 53-year-old prevailing wage law and adopt work requirements for Medicaid expansion recipients may have long-term impacts on Michigan residents,...
June 7 2018
The Senate Republican-led drive to approve the citizen initiative to legalize recreational marijuana died in the House on Tuesday after a final attempt to sway a few Democratic votes fell short, meaning...
June 7 2018
I was a junior in college when I shared a podium with RFK for a speech I helped arrange in April 1968 at the University of Pennsylvania as part of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination....
LGBT advocates see little effect locally from Court ‘cake’ ruling
June 7 2018
Leaders and attorneys involved in high profile federal lawsuits involving LGBT equality in Michigan had differing ideas of how Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v the...
June 7 2018
Schor said ultimately the $242 million project to redevelop the old Red Cedar golf course on the east end of Michigan Avenue hinges on getting the support of six of the eight Council members. The city...
534 N. Pine St. Lansing
June 7 2018
The property was transferred in ownership to the Ingham County Treasurer’s Office on May 1. On May 22, city code compliance officials cited the property for its overgrown grass
June 6 2018
WEDNESDAY, June 6 — Book lovers, and some of those with an on-again, off-again relationship with reading, will be gathering to discuss what it is that keeps them reading, and how they can build that
June 1 2018
FRIDAY, June 1 — Trust between the public and the media has “fractured,” the president and CEO of PBS said yesterday while visiting member station WKAR
Delhi Twp. to honor county’s sole lynching victim
May 31 2018
Aug. 27, 1866, was to be John Taylor’s 18th birthday. On the cusp of that day, he’d already lived a life of the times: a slave, a freedman who joined the Union Army in the Civil War hired farm...
East Lansing
May 31 2018
John English of East Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the May 9 Eye for Design (below) as the “Grove Street parking structure near 54b District Court
May 31 2018
More than seven years of a completely Republican-run state government and progressives are getting antsy. Petitions for at least seven left-leaning ballot proposals have been actively circulated and now...
Detroit marchers visit East Lansing to make case against deportations
May 24 2018
Pete Gojcaj’s wife, Cile Precetaj, was suddenly deported from Sterling Heights back to Albania this month after living in the U.S. for 18 years