Feb. 15 2019
When I decided to run for governor I was trying to figure out what was going to be the symbol of my campaign and landed on the bridge
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Feb. 14 2019
Timothy Muffitt, Lansing Symphony Orchestra music director and conductor, has stepped down — from his other gig, as music director of the Baton Rouge Symphony
Feb. 14 2019
When it was announced in early February that unpublished works by the reclusive author J.D. Salinger are slowly making their way into print, the legion of Salinger fans were atwitter
Feb. 14 2019
While most of us watch the Oscars, firmly locked to our couches, Sam Davis — a young filmmaker and Potterville High School graduate — will don his finest and wait among the gaggle of celebrities...
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Feb. 14 2019
A number of local GTG Records bands perform a free show Friday at The Avenue Café, including Sleeping Timmy & The Black Hole Sound, an indie-rock outfit masterminded and led by songwriter Timmy...
Feb. 14 2019
I met my wife in high school, I but really met her when she was working for my mom. My mom owned a daycare when we were kids. My wife bought me Baldwin the necklace and I’ve worn it ever since
Jazz bassist Mimi Jones’ visit to MSU is three stories in one
Feb. 7 2019
Seated like a Cyclopean cube of lime Jell-O in the exurban sprawl north of East Lansing, the headquarters of the MSU Federal Credit Union will never be mistaken for the Village Vanguard, Birdland or the...
Feb. 7 2019
The destination of the play isn’t revealed until near its finish. Figuring out where “To Quiet The Quiet” is headed helps make the journey an intriguing ride
Feb. 7 2019
An intimate confession; the use of light-hearted humor to shine a light into the darkest corners of one’s despair
Feb. 7 2019
Imagine a New York City subway car hurtling down a track at breakneck speed in early morning darkness. A writer observes a homeless man taking off well-worn tennis shoes to cool his feet, careful not to...
Feb. 7 2019
Another business is looking for new digs after its eviction from a city-owned building
Feb. 7 2019
Impact 89 FM, gearing up for its spring open house, has a huge milestone on its horizon — 30 years on the air. Michigan State University’s student radio station, founded as WBDM but rebranded...
Feb. 7 2019
Have you looked under your sink lately? What about your laundry room or your medicine cabinet? What’s in those multitudinous sprays, creams and lotions could be a detriment to your health
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Feb. 7 2019
Sunday, Feb. 10 @ The Robin Theatre, 1105 S. Washington Ave., Lansing. All ages, $18, $15 members, $5 students, 7 p.m. The Ten Pound Fiddle not only hosts local and international...
Feb. 5 2019
The raunchy comedian who made waves at the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner is coming to Lansing on April 13 to perform a set at The Cadillac Room in REO Town
Jan. 30 2019
Kenny Turner remembers riding in his family’s 1965 Vista Cruiser when he was 12 years old — packed in with seven other family members to visit relatives in Alabama. It was the Jim Crow era,...
Jan. 30 2019
There’s a line-up of happy-looking kids, about to brush their teeth; a woman being carried off by police officers; a man protesting at a 1960s civil rights rally in Washington, D.C.; a group portrait...
Jan. 30 2019
The car is the star in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” the family friendly musical based on the 1968 film, which was adapted from the novel by James Bond creator Ian Fleming
Jan. 30 2019
Thursday, Jan. 31: “A Silent Voice” Feb. 7 and 10: “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” Feb. 19: “Mobile Suit Gundam NT” March 14: “Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel...
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Lansing metal vets unveil their ‘heaviest record’
Jan. 28 2019
For 15 years, Know Lyfe kept busy touring across Michigan and nearly every state across the country. From warming up stages for Every Time I Die, Fear Factory and Hatebreed, to playing Van’s Warped...