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March 11 2019
Guillermo Delgado thought he would make a great Catholic priest, but after two years in seminary he was kicked out with a pink slip that read “No potential for priesthood.” Now, after a career...
March 7 2019
Lansing has a new fitness gym to give patrons the energy to combat the groggy bad habits of winter hibernation. Tri Fitness offers cross training, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, and a fitness...
when-particles-collide_MUST CREDIT PIC_By The Secr
March 7 2019
When Particles Collide and TIm O'Shea come to Lansing
March 7 2019
Gargoyles, griffins, lions, bears, cherubs, eagles and praying monks. Oh my! All of these, and countless other decorative figures, adorn the buildings of Detroit. But until Oxford, Michigan, photographer...
Lansing Art Gallery’s college art show overflows with bold ideas
March 7 2019
This is art that makes you lean in, step back, circle around and lean in again
March 7 2019
“Miss Saigon,” one of Broadway’s longest-running shows from the same creative team behind “Les Misérables,” lands at the Wharton Center Tuesday
March 7 2019
The story of Joseph Merrick, one of history’s greatest medical oddities, is getting the Riverwalk Theatre treatment. The play doesn’t aim to shock: Merrick is portrayed without any visual deformities....
March 6 2019
Common Ground Music Festival is returning with more big name hip-hop acts. Just announced for June 30 are YG, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Big Boi, 2 Live Crew and Trap Manny
Feb. 28 2019
All ages can experience the thrills of button mashing on the latest games and technology by the hour at Lansing’s first brick and mortar gaming-rental arcade. The building also stocks two pool tables,...
Harmonica Shah Wide
Detroit blues legend plays ‘A Benefit for Lansing East Side Gateway’
Feb. 28 2019
Earlier this month, a devastating fire at Lansing Eastside Gateway (LEG) claimed the life of John Michael-Fredrick Bolan (July 3, 1975-Feb. 3, 2019) and also destroyed the building at 615 E. Kalamazoo...
Feb. 28 2019
I recently caught up with John Smolens, one the Upper Peninsula’s favorite writers. He’s in Boston accompanying his spouse who’s teaching at Merrimack College. He’s been there most...
Feb. 28 2019
They fly, they sing, they swing on ropes and vines. They even bounce on trampolines, but — most of all — they dance
Feb. 28 2019
By night, he’s a magician. By day? Jeffery Aaron Olds is also performing magic
Feb. 28 2019
Hunting through libraries and databases in Michigan and beyond, the Lansing Area African-American Genealogical Society, or LAAAGS, is a group of amateur genealogists focused on uncovering the past lives...
Cellist Helen Money brings rock sensibility to the cello
Feb. 28 2019
Alison Chesley, a wandering samurai cellist who performs under the name Helen Money, will play an instrument not often heard at Mac’s Bar Wednesday
Joshua Risner's nervous brush
Feb. 27 2019
Last fall, Joshua Risner spent a lot of days and nights in a strange dialogue with Malcolm X. At times, their faces were inches apart
Feb. 26 2019
“In the moment all I really remember is watching a lot of our heroes look up at us. It was surreal,” Davis, a Potterville native who won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short for “Period....
Feb. 25 2019
“Period. End of Sentence,” the short documentary shot and edited by Potterville native Sam Davis, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Academy Awards yesterday
Feb. 25 2019
A hard look at the criminal justice system, from the dual perspectives of its employees and its prisoners, is coming to the Wharton Center Wednesday
Feb. 21 2019
This micro barber shop nestled in The Hive co-working space will be the latest destination for Lansing’s grizzled dudes to turn into dapper gentlemen