Oct. 19 2011
This season’s Stages of the Law performances include Riverwalk Theatre’s “Conspiracy” (Oct. 20-30; talkback after the Oct. 22 performance); Lansing Community College’s “The...
Oct. 19 2011
Chicago native Loring Mandel never imagined his profession might be writing for television. Mandel, 83, wrote his first closedcircuit radio productions for fun when he was 6 years old; when he needed money...
Concert showcases two classical Indian dance styles
Oct. 19 2011
“Odissi is soft and lyrical, and Bharatanatyam is bold and rigourous,” said Ghosh, who specializes in Odissi. “The juxtaposition of the two styles in the event will help the audience...
Maureen Hirten was the Capital Area District Library interim director; now, she’s got the job long term
Oct. 19 2011
The best of times is her recent appointment to director. Hirten, 60, has been with CADL for nine years, starting as a public service librarian in Okemos
Lively actors can’t hide the fact that ‘Odd Couple’ is quaint and antiquated
Oct. 19 2011
It is interesting that Dowd warms up to the role after doffing the iconic baseball cap, and really hits his stride as Oscar prepares for a double-date with neighbors Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon (Charlotte...
MSU’s ‘Streetcar’ takes you on a thrilling ride through a masterpiece
Oct. 19 2011
Right. What do you do with a 64-year-old play that almost everyone knows something about? A play that’s been described as the best play of the 20th century, that’s won every award imaginable...
‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ proves comedy doesn’t always improve with age
Oct. 19 2011
Playwright Joseph Kesserling puts theater critic Mortimer Brewster at the heart of “Arsenic,” an island of rationality in an ocean of insanity. Adam Bright plays him with a consistently effective...
Wilkinson returns to MSU Friday for a new gig: singing with the LSO
Oct. 19 2011
“I was a poor college student,” she said, “so I would go around to garage sales and buy worn-out records for a quarter. I would try to steal licks from Ella Fitzgerald. I just wanted...
Playwright Sandra Seaton talks with Lansing retail queen Betty Price
Oct. 19 2011
As a customer, as a friend and now as a historian, Seaton has tracked Price’s remarkable life for 40 years
Full-time waitress Ellen Airgood cooks up romance with her debut novel, set in the U.P.
Oct. 19 2011
Airgood, who has been working at this quintessential diner in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for more than 20 years, is also an accomplished writer who published her first novel this year
All work & no foreplay & the benefit of the dowdy
Oct. 19 2011
Remember, people called you “the sensual couple” because you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, not because you couldn’t take your eyes off the clock. Ditching the clock for...
Oct. 19 2011
Darryl McDaniels, or “DMC” as most of the world knows him, made up one third of the pioneering rap group Run-DMC, which formed in 1981 and disbanded in 2001. The iconic trio scored rap hits...
As a teen, Patty Duke won an Oscar, had a TV series and starred on Broadway; away from the spotlight, she was battling the onset of bi-polar disorder
Oct. 12 2011
One of the many difficulties in treating bi-polar disorder is that there is no single drug that works perfectly for everyone; it can take a lot of trial and error to determine what combination of medications...
Bellini Opera Theater honors the late tenor
Oct. 12 2011
A crossover artist extraordinaire, Mario Lanza was known in the 1940s and 1950s for starring in Hollywood films (“The Great Caruso,” “The Toast of New Orleans”) and performing both...
Julian VanDyke and James McFarland host two events to benefit Mid-Michigan Food Bank
Oct. 12 2011
McFarland is the owner of Hotwater Works, a hot tub dealer on Michigan Avenue. This venue provided the pair with enough space to accommodate a large audience. The artists will take suggestions from the...
MSU revisits ‘Desire’ in old New Orleans
Oct. 12 2011
Graduate student Emily Young is playing Stella as her thesis role, which she believes will help tackle her constant challenge of finding vulnerability in her acting. Young took her research one big step...
’Arsenic’ is on tap at Lansing Civic Players
Oct. 12 2011
For example, the play’s two lovable and murderous aunts, who serve arseniclaced elderberry wine, are “always together in a scene. They kind of get lumped into that generic old-lady persona...
Thrilling ‘Terra Nova’ is a true triumph for Riverwalk
Oct. 12 2011
In 1990 Aussie band The Church released a single called “Terra Nova Cain,” which sounds like just the remedy needed after enduring Riverwalk Theatre’s production of “Terra Nova.”...
Starlight Dinner Theatre serves up ‘The Odd Couple’ as season opener
Oct. 12 2011
On the off chance you haven’t heard, “The Odd Couple” is about a friendship between two men who are polar opposites and manage to push each other to their limits. It was the basis for...
‘The Dead Guy’ is a spotty spoof of reality TV
Oct. 12 2011
If he did, “The Dead Guy,” now at Williamston Theatre, might be a sharper satire in the vein of “Network” or “The Truman Show.” But the show’s very concept suggests...