Craig Brewer gives ‘Footloose’ a foot massage
Oct. 12 2011
“There was a really embarrassing moment in my life when my dad came from work to find me in my underwear, dancing to that Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney song what was it called? ‘Say Say...
Kevin Boyle delved into the archives to put together ‘Arc of Justice’
Oct. 12 2011
By BILL CASTANIER National Book Award Winner Kevin Boyle describes himself as an “archives rat” and that’s a good thing for a historian and the author of the award-winning “Arc...
Prince Harming & semicolon cleansing
Oct. 12 2011
He says everyone expected him to become Prime Minister, but he decided to buck their expectations and become a portrait painter. Although he earns a good living, I believe he considers himself a failure...
Oct. 12 2011
Glitter Trash was started in 2010 by lead singer “Jena Talia,” a pre-op transsexual who refuses to accept boy/girl labeling and prefers to be called a “hybrid.” The Detroit-based...
Comerica Bank event raises funds for Lansing historical museum
Oct. 5 2011
By DENYSE SMITH On a clear Lansing night, the view from the top is a good one, and on Saturday, patrons of the Greater Lansing Historical Society’s Fall Fundraiser will get a chance to see for themselves...
Rousing, Tony-winning tale of The Four Seasons brings down the house at the Wharton Center
Oct. 5 2011
So what could possibly warrant such a rousing response? Best guess: a combination of music that is ingrained in the DNA of post-World War II American pop culture, a tight book that captures that lightning-in-a-bottle...
MSU senior Dennis Corsi launches theater company to produce 'pop opera' about gay teens in crisis
Oct. 5 2011
Touch Your Soul Productions Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Theater in Snyder- Phillips Hall, MiSU 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6; 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 7, and Saturday, Oct. 8; 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct....
'Dead' in Williamston: Plus, Riverwalk Theatre gets frosty in ‘Terra Nova’
Oct. 5 2011
extreme reality show. The central character is Eldon Phelps, a man who gets $1 million to spend over seven days as camera crews follow him around and broadcast his spending on national television. However,...
Korean screen legend's performance is pure 'Poetry'
Oct. 5 2011
She’s not sure she believes it, though. A 66-year-old South Korean trying to raise her surly 16-year-old grandson, Wook, while toiling as a maid for a wealthy stroke victim, Mija wants very badly...
It’s Oktoberfest time again in Old Town
Oct. 5 2011
T he sixth annual Old Town Oktoberfest is being held Friday and Saturday at Burchard Park, at the corner of Turner Street and Grand River Avenue, in Lansing. It is the only German-themed Oktoberfest event...
Purple Rose Theatre revisits ‘Escanaba,’ where good taste is always out of place
Oct. 5 2011
elaborately staged Rube Goldberg set up of an extended fart sequence, complete with slow-motion strobe light and explosive sound effects? Or is it the scene in which a particularly potent potpourri of...
MSU alum Timothy Zahn fills in missing chapters in the ‘Star Wars’ saga
Oct. 5 2011
Lucas’ iconic space opera franchise “I had no idea it would be that successful: No one did,” said Zahn, 59, a 1973 Michigan State University alumnus who lives in Oregon. “The storyline...
Helen of toy & Mitey aphrodite
Oct. 5 2011
You can try to keep the romance alive with some therapist looking disapprovingly down her bifocals at the two of you or with the gift of a 50-cent purple plastic chimp. The chimp, happily, will not ask...
Oct. 5 2011
A su rv ey of Lansing’s musical Landscape By: Rich Tupica
Sept. 28 2011
By JAMES SANFORD GRAND RAPIDS On this Saturday afternoon, there’s a 15-minute wait just to get into the Grand Rapids Art Museum. But the hundreds of people in line aren’t heading to see an...
Craig and Weisz’s ‘Dream House’ might be a nightmare
Sept. 28 2011
But the fate of the project that brought them together that may not be much of a cause for celebration. “Dream House,” in which Craig and Weisz play a couple spooked by weird goingson in their...
GLHC's Views of Lansing provides a chance to see the city in all its glory
Sept. 28 2011
The Greater Lansing Housing Coalition’s Views of Lansing fundraiser on Saturday will showcase five buildings known for their architecture and great views of the city. Proceeds from the event will...
Old Town’s Art Spot allows artists to use buildings as their canvas
Sept. 28 2011
“What we wanted to do is have pre-approved art opportunities throughout our entire downtown little fun things that local artists could participate in to maintain the texture and feeling of Old Town,”...
MSU's strong double bill of dramas examines the aftermath of Sept. 11
Sept. 28 2011
Remember Sept. 11, 2001? Not the divisive rhetoric that tirelessly evoked the date for political evasion or justification, or the shameless merchandising that recently reached new lows (9/11 Merlot, anyone?...
Girl with a wait problem & Meet Joe Blackberry
Sept. 28 2011
frustrated to the max and wants to have an unemotional hookup. She suggests we each have a “last fling” before we start our relationship (when my deployment ends in 60 days). Well, I’m...