When Carol Spry goes shooting in the forest, nobody gets hurt — she’s a wildlife photographer
June 15 2011
her see the photos. Carol Spry “She asked me Nature photography have I ever been Featured artist through a featured artist July 31 Schuler Books & Music before, and I said 2820 Towne Center Blvd.,...
Author tackles the questions Emily Post never faced
June 15 2011
Author tackles the questions Emily Post never faced
June 15 2011
Sunny Wilkinson is a local jazz singer known for her mischievous vocal style. She has sung with The Count Basie Band, Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass, Clark Terry, Mark Murphy, Milt Hinton, Curtis Fuller...
With added security, one entrepreneur is set to revive an infamous nightclub spot as — another nightclub
June 8 2011
Assaults, shootings, destruction of property, underage drinking.That’s part of the illustrative history of 6810 S. Cedar St. on Lansing’s south side, the site of a 15,000 square-foot, two-story...
Diego Rivera’s suite ‘Spanish Tinge’ heats up Creole Gallery Saturday
June 8 2011
“How many times have you heard this rhythm?” Diego Rivera, home-grown East Lansing jazzman and tenor sax colossus of the Michigan State University Professors of Jazz, slapped the table in front...
’Cats’ tour keeps actress Ashley Travis on the go
June 8 2011
Ask Ashley Travis, a 2010 Western Michigan University graduate who is one of the “swing” performers on the current national tour. Typically, Travis hits the stage when one of the regular cast...
A cast of crazed kooks energizes Riverwalk’s loony ’Musical Comedy Murders of 1940’
June 8 2011
Riverwalk veteran Joe Dickson, as down-on-his luck stand-up comedian Eddie McCuen, ultimately wins the contest for most intensely agitated actor on stage, but Bob Murrell and Sarah Sonnenberg, as musical...
Local designers dress up The Loft Saturday night
June 8 2011
The designer collective Pomp was founded this year by locals Kristy Warner, Keisha Thomas, Christine White and Bryenna Reinicke, who met in the Lansing Community College fashion technology program, where...
It’s a comic culture clash in ’Gemini’
June 8 2011
Written by Albert Innaurato, “Gemini” unfolds in the backyard of a blue-collar Philadelphia neighborhood, circa 1973, where Francis Geminiani has returned home for his summer break from Harvard
Despite cultural and social gains, Proposal 2 makes Michigan a difficult place to live
June 8 2011
In 2000, Michael Falk came to Ann Arbor with his partner, Matthew, to begin a promising career in materials science. He was 31 years old. By 2002, Falk’s teaching and research at the University of...
Area churches beat back the brimstone at Michigan Pride
June 8 2011
Cooper is a minister at Lansing’s Pilgrim Congregational Church, one of three United Church of Christ churches to team up for the first time and make a show of Christian counterforce at Michigan...
Youth White Party offers LGBT teens a safe haven
June 8 2011
Youth White Party offers LGBT teens a safe haven Some people avoid dances for fear of being outed as a lousy dancer. When you’re in your teens, going to your first dance that’s for gays and...
Lansing police authorizes necessary force at Michigan Pride
June 8 2011
“I have secured a float. I have secured a vehicle to tow it with. I have secured a male police officer who will be in uniform as the driver,” she announced in her column in the LGBT News, published...
His career goal: ’I would love Ryan Seacrest’s job’
June 8 2011
Wisenbaugh’s progression from YouTube video blogger to MSUToday segment correspondent can clearly be seen, said co-worker and mentor Jim Peck, host of MSUToday and a Big Ten Network executive producer...
Woody Allen is back on track in Paris
June 8 2011
When it comes to comebacks, Woody Allen could probably teach Cher, Britney Spears and even Lazarus a few lessons by now
Tayari Jones’ new novel draws comparisons to Toni Morrison
June 8 2011
Tayari Jones has written one of the most original coming of age stories in modern times. Her newest book, “Silver Sparrow”, is about two families and two sisters one pretty, one plain connected...
June 8 2011
Wolvserpent, featuring Blake Green (guitar) and Brittany McConnell (drums/violin), create droning and ominous sounds devoid of any poppy elements. The band is known for blistering through live sets with...
June 1 2011
It’s the season of the sun and the moon. A time for bluegrass and Common Ground. A time for jazz, folk, vintage vehicles, free theater and a dash of Caribbean spice. Get ready for summer, Lansing-style....
Photographer Suellen Hozman’s ’Flesh Tones’ challenges the power of first impressions
June 1 2011
Photography by Suellen Hozman Reception Noon-5 p.m. Sunday, June 5, at Absolute Gallery, 307 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing; exhibit continues through June 30. Regular gallery hours are 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday;...
Author Steve Hamilton restarts the series with ’Misery Bay,’ which hits stores Tuesday
June 1 2011
But most fans of Hamilton don’t care about awards. They read him because of his Alex McKnight series, which is primarily set in what Hamilton calls “one of the loneliest places on earth,”...