Sept. 27 2018
“They always put ‘authentic Mexican restaurant’ on the sign when it’s actually Tex-Mex food,” Tacos Monterrey owner Ismael Alejandro Puente Rodriguez said. “After working...
Sept. 20 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Do you have any skills at living on the edge between the light and the dark? Are you curious about what the world might look like and how people would treat you if you refused...
Sept. 20 2018
Just when a heartbroken McCray started to sing about getting on a freight train and not caring where it goes, a real North Lansing locomotive howled outside my window like a mate-less, 20-ton elk. It howled...
Sept. 20 2018
“It was a student and faculty-led movement on campus in opposition to state-sanctioned racial oppression in Southern Africa — Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe as well as South Africa — that...
Sept. 20 2018
What maddened me were the costumes for six female cast members who were supposedly portraying men. I found it hard to imagine some obviously female actors, often wearing dresses, to be Dukes or Earls....
Sept. 20 2018
Since 1996, the Electric Six, originally known as the Wildbunch, has consistently churned out discotinged, party-inducing rock ‘n’ roll tunes like “Dance Commander,” “Danger!...
Sept. 20 2018
Ten Pound Fiddle has spent 44 years providing a platform for the folk music scene in Greater Lansing. The upcoming year of Fiddle gigs will see a consistent stream of dances, gigs and community sings flow...
Sept. 20 2018
The history of the rare ‘20s-era Brunswick bowling alley tucked inside Central United Methodist Church is written on its scarred pins. Generations of bowlers threw archaic rubber bowling balls down...
Sept. 20 2018
Gwen Frostic’s simple artwork representing Michigan’s natural world is easily recognizable. Drawn in by subtle colors found in nature, her forest creatures and plants are printed on everything...
Sept. 20 2018
Activists from around the state will march on Lansing to declare Sept. 21 as Peace Day in Michigan. This event coincides with the United Nations’ 37th annual International Day of Peace and the 70th...
Broad Museum exhibit shines a light on Charles Pollock and his times
Sept. 20 2018
Charles Pollock was a master of color and form in his own right, a questing mind, a meticulous teacher and a great dancer to boot, but he was used to being introduced as the brother of Jackson. Far from...
Sept. 20 2018
There will be vegetarian options, including a green and white grilled cheese with mozzarella and pesto, Lajcaj said. “We are working on vegetarian burgers and veggie hot dogs for coneys. We are also...
Sept. 19 2018
The deafening roars at the end of Wharton Center’s opening show of “School of Rock” were equal to the noises heard at major rock concerts. But instead of established and seasoned musicians,...
Sept. 14 2018
Farha Abbasi, an associate professor of psychiatry at Michigan State University, noticed something spectacular during her residency
Sept. 14 2018
Bring popcorn and a tin foil hat to see four vintage sci-fi films detailing alien invasion and extraterrestrial life, as part of the Broad Museum’s Underground Film Festival
Sept. 13 2018
Riverwalk filled its theater Monday morning for a celebration of life to Helder and tributes have poured in on Facebook. In addition to losing a longtime friend and mentor, Tom Ferris, former Riverwalk...
Sept. 13 2018
The huge downtown stone building, built in 1888 by Capitol building architect Elijah E. Myers, is a bastion of turn of the century architecture and ‘20s era installations. An original gym, bowling...
Sept. 13 2018
The next time you take a drink of tap water, brush your teeth or take a bath, think of the residents of Flint and Mona Hanna-Attisha, the crusading pediatrician who established the definitive link between...
Sept. 13 2018
Wordly wines of 100 different varieties and an assortment of food, drinks and live music will invigorate downtown in this ninth annual event hosted by Downtown Lansing, Inc. Postponed fromits original...
Sept. 13 2018
The time consuming process of slow cooking pork and brisket is the same, but Fidler’s tries to ease off on a heavy smoker flavor, Taylor said. “We compliment the flavor profile, rather than...