Sept. 4 2018
For homeless men and women, having a functioning set of wheels is a life changer
Aug. 31 2018
William J. “Bill” Helder, a pillar of the Lansing community, died Wednesday morning at age 85
Aug. 30 2018
A local photography contest could land someone with an easy $100
Aug. 30 2018
Henry Potter, the last cover artist of this year’s “Summer of Art” project, grew his interest in art by sculpting clay figures as a kindergartener. Potter, 20, would have the figures...
Aug. 30 2018
Back in April, Jenn’s Apartment released “We’re A Small Band,” an 11-song LP of original tunes inspired by mainstream ’90s alt-rock and 2000s pop punk — fans of Eve...
‘Keep it rolling’
Aug. 30 2018
The next morning, Cole, 86, was up at 8 a.m., contemplating breakfast on the back porch of the home of jazz patrons Gregg and Lois Mummaw. Between bites, he graciously took questions from City Pulse’s...
Aug. 30 2018
Spicy, savory, salty and scrumptious statewide chicken wing vendors fly into Adado Park for patrons to decide who is the king, or queen, of wing vending. fifteen Flavors of Wings, Big Pooh's Chicken-N-Things,...
Aug. 30 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Now is an excellent time to feel and explore and understand and even appreciate your sadness
Water under the bridge
Aug. 30 2018
She bent over a second figure. “They worked on this one, bent the wire. Now I have to figure out how the arm goes back in.” Andrews came to Lansing to repair her vandalized sculpture, “There...
Aug. 30 2018
Keeping rhythm with Lansing’s recent plunge into public art, another installation is completed — the Lansing Sidewalk Poetry Project. Selected from 76 public submissions, eight poems are permanently...
Aug. 30 2018
CATA’s free Grab & Go Express program expands Route 17 for people running midday errands and grabbing lunch. New routes will run weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. — from downtown to Old...
Aug. 30 2018
The book follows Danny Yzemski, who turns to music for solace after his music-loving father dies. His mother relinquishes her parenthood to Canadian Mist whiskey, and he is faced with a high school experience...
Aug. 30 2018
“I’m very careful about what I say on Facebook and Twitter,” Pohl said. With sarcastic glee he added, “On Facebook I refer to myself as, ‘Just another enemy of the people...
Aug. 30 2018
“Over the last many years, I’ve unfortunately seen south end businesses close down and go to what they think is a busier or better part of town and another town close by. There is a lot to...
180827Ancona (1)
Aug. 27 2018
Forget to catch a farmer’s market this weekend? Get duck eggs, jam and fresh produce at this Eastside farm stand
Aug. 23 2018
Demented Mitten Tours is offering a glimpse of Lansing’s macabre by moonlight
Aug. 23 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, our heroine encounters a talking caterpillar as he smokes a hookah on top of a tall mushroom. "Who are you?" he asks her. Alice is honest:...
Aug. 23 2018
Hardtack biscuits have been a staple of military rations throughout history, serving time in European trenches and ancient Roman formations. Lansing artist Jet Rosas sees these long lasting biscuits, which...
Aug. 23 2018
“We need to finish building the accelerator. We have demonstrated all the pieces of the accelerator, and we made the first beam a couple of weeks ago — which we’re celebrating,”...
Aug. 23 2018
Fervently stitching amid the vendors at August’s Eastside Folklife Festival, quilters sewed messages of support and hope written down by attendees into quilt squares that will make up 500 quilts,...