June 1 2016
Fortunately, Eastside meets you halfway. The 1/2 and 1/2 Special dinner pairs lightly breaded chicken wings and cat fish nuggets. The deep-fried goodies are served on a bed of French fries and the whole...
May 25 2016
For a food to be craveable, for me, it has to be something I won’t make at home. Maybe it’s a cooking technique I haven’t mastered, a spice blend I can’t put my finger on or something...
May 18 2016
Steakhouse Philly, on the eastern edge of Lansing at the corner of Clippert and Kalamazoo streets, offers traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and gyros — or you can split the difference and...
May 18 2016
But then there’s Saddleback BBQ’s slogan, “Respect the pig.” At first, I thought it was a toss-off line. Then I thought it might be a Zen-like nod to all things pork
May 11 2016
The Rolling Stones “can’t get no satisfaction.” I, however, have had pretty good luck finding it in a bowl at Panera Bread
May 4 2016
It’s hard to explain P.J.s, but they are, at least in my book, the perfect fried food. This addiction of mine starts out as dough cut into bite size rectangles. They are then perfectly deep-fried...
Greater Lansing dining scene’s 15-year transition from boring to bravura
May 3 2016
Editor's note: This article originally appeared in our City Pulse Dining Guide. For more, check out Mark Nixon discussing the article on WKAR's Current State. Fifteen years ago I wrote a snarky col
Taking a look at the best of Michigan’s 2016 wine offerings
April 27 2016
The theme for northern Michigan wineries right now is diversification and damage control. Back to back years haven’t been kind to our northern vines: Major frost damage, sub-zero temperatures and...
April 27 2016
About a week ago, I was at the tail end of a persistent cold. I needed something to help me round the corner and force this sickness out of my system. Chicken noodle soup? No, I needed something more potent,...
April 20 2016
Sunday 1754 Central Park Drive, Okemos thaiprincessmi.com, (517) 381-1558
April 20 2016
Just like I shouldn’t have to tell you to check out the “Mona Lisa” next time you’re in Paris, I shouldn’t have to tell you to check out Cosmos’ pizzas. (If you want...
April 13 2016
Since I graduated from college, I’ve found there are increasingly fewer mornings — or afternoons, for that matter — where I’ve woken with a pounding hangover followed by a pledge...
Wine pairings for upcoming grilling season
April 6 2016
But there’s no excuse to leave your grill idle and lonely, even if a thin layer of snow is on the ground. Put your gloves on and get to work. Your friends and family will be grateful for it. They...
April 6 2016
According to the menu, a Topopo Salad is a “mountain of salad, the Mexican counterpart to the American Chef salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, cheese, jalapenos, peas and scallions …...
March 30 2016
For this week’s edition of the Dish, we’re heading to north Lansing. Old Town? Nope, a little farther. Just keep heading north on Larch Street until it turns into Old U.S. 27. Go a few blocks...
Nature’s Alternative offers upscale dispensary experience
March 23 2016
One of Lansing’s newest dispensaries, Nature’s Alternative, opened up on the northeast corner of Cedar Street and Greenlawn Avenue in January. This is the second Nature’s Alternative...
March 23 2016
Cultures clashed around me in East Lansing Thursday as I struggled with chopsticks while watching streams of shamrock-clad MSU students parade past the window in search of green beer. Like the bars the...
March 16 2016
Oh Italy, you have given us so many wonderful things. Pasta, Lamborghinis Leonardo da Vinci, the operas of Puccini … I could go on. But a certain culinary achievement holds a special place in my...
March 16 2016
Let’s run through our Creole sojourns in chronological order. Visit No. 1: I had a hankering for some “N’awlins” chow of the Cajun/ Creole variety, so I went straight for the gumbo...
Capital Meds provides quality medication at budget prices
March 9 2016
Located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Kalamazoo Street, Capital Meds is just about a mile from the Capitol Building. I visited the shop for the first time in December, on recommendation...