Aug. 9 2018
Brewers all over the world have different recipes and combinations of ingredients that they experiment with to create exactly what they want in each beer. But if the water profile isn’t congruent...
Aug. 2 2018
But they are difficult to keep track of. There are so many grape varieties used for growth leading to wine production. Widely considered the current authoritative tome on the matter, the book “Wine...
July 26 2018
It’s not easy! Red Cedar Grill is in Williamston. There are its challenges, but luckily I have some great people. My sous chefs do a great job and give me some great leverage to bounce around between...
July 19 2018
Indeed, I’ve paid nearly $10 for a quarter-pound of cheese at Whole Foods. But I hasten to add two things: 1.) It was really fantastic triple cream brie, the likes of which I have not found outside...
July 12 2018
It has been known to be on the brink of extinction its entire life, due to its unique qualities. Modern brewers across the U.S. are finding new opportunities with the style, and are bringing it back into...
July 11 2018
Can Lansing assert its dominance in the ramen game, or will Detroit usurp the capital city? A grand ramen battle royale plans to answer that very question
June 28 2018
I did go to culinary school. I worked at Crystal Mountain resort for about two years or so, then I joined the Marines. I was an infantry radio operator, so I was attached to a weapons company
June 21 2018
Eaton Rapids Craft is the new kid on the block, and like the beer mugs, it shows one way a little town can reinvent itself. The restaurant/bar was once the Miller Ice Cream Parlor, a snug little place...
June 14 2018
The program buys and assembles food kits that have enough food basics to make six dinners, four lunches, four breakfasts and two-four snacks. These kits are discreetly delivered into each child’s...
June 7 2018
If you’ve found yourself saying, “I don’t like riesling,” chances are you haven’t found the right style — it’s not always sweet. It’s a German grape in origin...
May 31 2018
A “smash” requires a spirit. LBC used their Hard Nose Rye Whiskey. It was aged in white oak and had a spicy and peppery taste — to me, a flavorful and palatable version of whiskey. A...
May 24 2018
We have renovated and done everything to this building, from the wall paper to making the tables,” said Bea Middleton, third-generation owner of Taste of Thai
May 17 2018
StreetKitchen had me at hello. Literally. “Hello,” said the woman behind the counter in a lilting British accent. Can we just stop right here and say that any Midwestern guy between the ages...
May 10 2018
While mega beer producers like Anheuser-Busch and Heineken create consistent, quality products, smaller breweries like Ellison, focusing more on flavor and unique styles, are popping up across the nation,...
Five more emporiums join the fun
May 8 2018
TUESDAY, May 8 — The Margarita Fest field is shaping up with the addition of five more mid-Michigan establishments that will compete for best margarita on June 1
Dipping into the world of bubbly
May 3 2018
The range of emotions is vast. Expect nervousness, relief, concern for debt, hope for the future. You are faced with opportunities of many sizes every day and you’ve certainly taken advantage of...
April 26 2018
Although he was born in California, chef Zane Vicknair considers Lansing his home and is no stranger to the local food scene. He and his team create unique and exciting options for greater Lansing foodies,...
cheddars pot pie
April 19 2018
They gather, and one by one, they confess their sins. “Hi. My name is Mark. I’m a restaurant critic, but honestly, what the hell do I know?” This came to mind as I was walking out of...
April 12 2018
To modern-day beer lovers, carbonation is expected, but do you know how beer becomes bubbly? Today, many beers are carbonated through a process called “forced carbonation,” where carbon dioxide...
April 5 2018
The Tavern 109 is just down the street from the Williamston Theatre. The restaurant and pub traditionally serves a specialty cocktail to coincide with the company’s current play. Until April 22 when...