Best Pinot Noir options from the West Coast to France
April 5 2018
Pinot noir isn’t likely to go out of fashion for a while. Its recent success is built from making wines of moderate, red-fruited character, slight herbaceousness/earthiness, and a style often lower...
March 29 2018
Shawn Fearon is the owner and head chef of Kingston Kitchen, the six month old Jamaican restaurant in Okemos. Fearon has worked in kitchens from Michigan to Florida
Feeling at home with comforting Italian food
March 22 2018
If there is a restaurant in town that I can call a second home, DeLuca’s is the place. It’s been in the same location on Willow Street since 1960, when it was known as the Willow Bar. I’ve...
March 15 2018
If you’ve ever been into Old Nation Brewery’s pub, you know that it is a great environment to enjoy a brew in. But if you’re curious like me, it can be hard to keep your eyes from wandering...
An attempt to sum them all up
March 8 2018
Trying to make sense of any particular country’s wine industry in 900 words or less is a fool’s errand. Sure, New Zealand is known for highly expressive sauvignon blanc, but there are many...
March 1 2018
Another feature that made the Barnes and Noble Café variation of pizza more restaurant-quality was how it was cooked. Instead of a microwave or heat lamp, the Margherita was toasted. The two-slice...
Feb. 15 2018
On our first visit, I knew beforehand I was going for comfort food. The meatloaf special with mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed vegetables and a roll ($7.95) fit the bill. The portions were generous and,...
Greater Lansing beer news for the new year
Feb. 1 2018
Their Boss Tweed NE Double IPA, which was the highest rated beer in Michigan over the summer on the Untappd! social beer app that was released statewide last month. Already, quantities are extremely low....
Jan. 18 2018
For starters, let’s underscore that EnVie is not, and doesn’t claim to be, a French restaurant. That, fellow diners, is a good thing
Jan. 4 2018
Based on your votes in City Pulse’s 2017 Top of the Town contest, we’ve assembled a guide to your favorite Lansing-area eateries. We’ll run single categories in the paper periodically,...
2017 was quite a year for wine values, trends, and hot-button issues
Jan. 4 2018
To start, the 2013 My Essential cabernet sauvignon was perhaps the most bang-for-the-buck American red wine I’ve had this year. It should retail for about $20 and is stuffed with a generous amount...
Jan. 3 2018
Don’t let that stop you. Strap on your road trip shoes, burn a little non-renewable fossil fuel and make haste for Lula’s. As I said in my April review, this place has the tastes and aromas...
BBQ joint lives up to Guy Fieri-hype
Dec. 21 2017
On the Southern end of the food spectrum are items like smoked beef brisket ($12.95 for a half-pound) and baby back ribs ($30.95 for a full rack, plus two sides). I maintain that Saddleback BBQ in REO...
Dec. 14 2017
Beggar’s Banquet was named after a Rolling Stones album — which explains why its menu listed the Abbot Road Cucumber Martini as “light and refreshing.” After a sip, I realized only...
Dec. 14 2017
The Wrought Iron Grill ensnares unsuspecting visitors to Owosso with lavish gourmet offerings and a lengthy wine selection. When traveling to Shiawassee County to see an Owosso Community Players production...
Dec. 14 2017
Based on your votes in City Pulse’s 2017 Top of the Town contest, we’ve assembled a guide to your favorite Lansing-area eateries. We’ll run single categories in the paper periodically,...
Nov. 22 2017
Ten years ago, Samuel Adams released a limited-edition beer, Utopias, that has gathered a cult following among craft beer lovers due to its “extreme barrel-aging” technique. What probably makes...
Thanksgiving wines that are sure to impress
Nov. 16 2017
I don’t know what you’re eating on the fourth Thursday in November, but if I were a betting man, my odds are on turkey. Still, Thanksgiving is a very personal holiday, with families having...
Nov. 16 2017
My only insight boils down to three words: Attention to detail. I bring all of this up with Dusty’s Cellar in mind. This Okemos eatery has the look, the promise, the panache, to be great. Alas, it...
Nov. 9 2017
I ordered it to-go, and the Northern Soul ($14) lived up to all my expectations and more. It was a heaping helping of cider braised pork that melted in my mouth with each bite, complemented by an amazing...