June 21 2017
But the best thing to come out of covfefe-mania is Strange Matter Coffee Co.’s new seasonal drink, Covfefe. Described as “a coffee white Russian,” this refreshing concoction features...
June 21 2017
Lightly battered and flash fried, this was the single best thing I tasted in two visits to Ai Fusion. In fact, I loved it so much that for the entree, I ordered the shrimp tempura udon ($12). It’s...
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Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant to close for summer
June 15 2017
Moe Naing Israel and Mi Latt Thenda moved to the Lansing area in June 2013 and opened Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant in November of the same year. What started as a family dream has becoming a favorite...
June 15 2017
I moved to East Lansing from Portland, Ore., nearly 10 years ago. One of the things I immediately missed about Portland was the vibrant and diverse food scene. Since that time, the Greater Lansing restaurant...
The Cosmos is known for its wood-fired pizzas, wild sci-fi murals and non-stop “Star Trek” reruns. But I’ll remember it for its unique Basil Fizz.
June 7 2017
The Cosmos is a small restaurant attached to Zoobie’s in Old Town. While the Cosmos and Zoobie’s each have their own vibe, both establishments share the same kitchen, bar and restrooms. The...
Hunting for little known gems in Greek wine
June 7 2017
For this blessing, there is no American more important than Ted Diamantis, proprietor and president of Diamond Wine Importers
Local roasters team up to support Lansing’s Refugee Development Center
May 31 2017
By DYLAN TARR How do you take your coffee? With a little cream? A spoonful of sugar? Or maybe you like your brew with a side of activism. If the latter interests you, two local coffee roasters are teaming...
When eating out, I’ve found that eating healthy is not always easy to do. That was until I ate at a local health food store.
May 31 2017
I filled my container with raw spinach, chickpeas, artichokes, peppers, green beans, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, cheeses and tongfuls of other fresh items from bins that seemed to stretch though...
May 24 2017
For just $5, you get a classic Dagwood’s burger, French fries and a 12-ounce draft beer (or a soda for the teetotalers out there). You can add cheese for an extra $0.50. There’s no flimsy plastic...
Lansing brewers jump on barrel-aged beer trend
May 24 2017
If you’re an avid beer drinker, you’ve probably noticed an influx of barrel-aged beers popping up on menus and shelves across the state. But this method of beer production isn’t anything...
May 17 2017
I expected the typical large spud sliced open on a plate and garnished with the toppings I chose. Instead, the server delivered a 7-inch pie tin that looked more like a mini-pizza than a traditional baked...
Blue Gill Grill serves up bar fare from prime lakeside location
May 17 2017
Dear Blue, This is a first for me. I am writing a “get well” letter to a business — you. It may come off as churlish, but it’s meant to be more like tough love. Frankly, given your...
May 11 2017
Chef Anthony “Tony” Maiale, 34, and front of the house manager Nina Santucci, 34, are the owners of East Lansing’s Red Haven restaurant. Last week, City Pulse sat down with the entrepreneurial...
Johnny and June — The Crafted Bean
May 11 2017
There’s a real outlaw spirit that runs through the Crafted Bean. Up in DeWitt, far from the millennial student population at MSU or the hipsters of Lansing’s REO Town district, Justin Hartig...
Exploring the world of biodynamic wines
May 4 2017
At your local Meijer or Kroger, you’re surrounded by hundreds of very dependable wines, made from wineries owned by enormous companies like Gallo, Constellation, Wine Group, Altria (fka Philip Morris),...
May 4 2017
On Swagath’s menu, Palak Paneer is described as “cubes of homemade cheese in a spinach-based gravy and spices.” Paneer is an un-aged curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with a food...
Food that's healthy for humans is not necessarily healthy for pets too
April 26 2017
Many well-intentioned pet owners feed their pets foods they believe are nutritious, only to learn that certain foods, even those deemed healthy for humans, can be quite dangerous to dogs and cats
Four beers to add to your summer rotation
April 26 2017
We’ve put together a list of four summer beers that you’ll find Michiganders sipping this summer, and while some are from the mitten state and some aren’t, you’ll be sure to find...
April 26 2017
No meat, unfortunately, but it’s a forgivable omission. This is a hefty plate that’s perfect for sharing. You probably shouldn’t eat the whole thing yourself. (Reader, I did.)
April 19 2017
The classic Mexican margarita served at Cancun Mexican Grill in Grand Ledge includes Curaçao — a liqueur made with laraha grown on the island of Curaçao — as well as triple sec,...