May 11 2017
Chef Anthony “Tony” Maiale, 34, and front of the house manager Nina Santucci, 34, are the owners of East Lansing’s Red Haven restaurant. Last week, City Pulse sat down with the entrepreneurial...
Johnny and June — The Crafted Bean
May 11 2017
There’s a real outlaw spirit that runs through the Crafted Bean. Up in DeWitt, far from the millennial student population at MSU or the hipsters of Lansing’s REO Town district, Justin Hartig...
Exploring the world of biodynamic wines
May 4 2017
At your local Meijer or Kroger, you’re surrounded by hundreds of very dependable wines, made from wineries owned by enormous companies like Gallo, Constellation, Wine Group, Altria (fka Philip Morris),...
May 4 2017
On Swagath’s menu, Palak Paneer is described as “cubes of homemade cheese in a spinach-based gravy and spices.” Paneer is an un-aged curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with a food...
Food that's healthy for humans is not necessarily healthy for pets too
April 26 2017
Many well-intentioned pet owners feed their pets foods they believe are nutritious, only to learn that certain foods, even those deemed healthy for humans, can be quite dangerous to dogs and cats
Four beers to add to your summer rotation
April 26 2017
We’ve put together a list of four summer beers that you’ll find Michiganders sipping this summer, and while some are from the mitten state and some aren’t, you’ll be sure to find...
April 26 2017
No meat, unfortunately, but it’s a forgivable omission. This is a hefty plate that’s perfect for sharing. You probably shouldn’t eat the whole thing yourself. (Reader, I did.)
April 19 2017
The classic Mexican margarita served at Cancun Mexican Grill in Grand Ledge includes Curaçao — a liqueur made with laraha grown on the island of Curaçao — as well as triple sec,...
April 19 2017
Let us start today by singing the praises of Lula’s Cookhouse’s fried chicken ($15.99). The breading is light and, dare I say, buttery. The skin crackles and crunches as you bite into it, and...
April 12 2017
But back to the wings. To paraphrase their namesake, these wings ain’t nothing to eff with. These wings are smoked then flash fried, giving them a great smoky flavor while creating a nice, crispy...
Checking out value wines for warm weather adventures
April 5 2017
I was in a store this month and I saw two rosé packages, a canned rosé 4-pack in cardboard with the package top reading “stay basic” and a wine called Brosé. Dudes in salmon-colored...
April 5 2017
I’ve been a semi-regular diner at Sushi Ya since roughly 2007, when my brother lived in an apartment directly above its old location near the corner of Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue. (Both Sushi...
March 29 2017
I imagine my first-bite reaction to Cugino’s arancini was similar to a dragon's thoughts while biting into a knight in full armor: “Crusty on the exterior but quite warm and rather chewy on...
MSU grad Raji Singh brings luxury tea brand to East Lansing
March 22 2017
Singh, 25, is the North American business development director for luxury tea brand Newby Teas. While her taste in tea has evolved with her new job, her original statement isn’t too far off from...
March 22 2017
When I visit a restaurant, I’m always looking for interesting you-can-only-get-it-here items. On my most recent trip to Olympic Broil, I strayed from my usual order — olive burger and onion...
March 15 2017
Ginger spice and mild pine notes are set against citrus sweetness and a touch of bitterness. Nothing is overpowering. Whe ther you’re slurping up some udon soup for lunch or settling in for a nice...
March 15 2017
We choose the smoked salmon pâté and a charcuterie plate for starters. The pâté ($12) gets good marks, with the requisite smokiness smoothed out by a dill-based sour cream. The...
March 8 2017
In my kitchen, the motto is a little different: “Feta makes it better.” From pasta to pizza to soup, so many things benefit from a healthy sprin- kling of the Greek cheese. I’ve recently...
March 1 2017
As the temperatures hovered in the mid-50s Thursday, I couldn’t resist the urge to get out of the office and wander down to the El Oasis food truck, purveyors of some of Lansing’s finest Mexican...
Exploring wine pairings for Lent
March 1 2017
Paczki — pronounced “poonch-kee”— exist because Polish Catholics needed to use up all the eggs, lard and sugar in the house before Lent began. This traditionally takes place on...