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Oct. 16 2018
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor discusses medical marijuana dispensaries, plans for City Hall, scooters and other issues with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz in their latest monthly sit-down
Sept. 19 2018
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says he’s unwilling to spend “millions” on temporarily relocating local courts and the police lockup, so that the plan can go forward to move from City Hall and...
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June 11 2018
City Pulse's monthly interview series with Mayor Andy Schor continues with this June edition
Nick Mason looks for ‘Exit Strategy’ in Steve Hamilton’s latest thriller
May 11 2017
Without giving away any of the intricate plot details or thrilling action scenes, it’s fair to say that Mason has already sold off most of what makes people human. Readers must come to grips with...
Outdoor chickens stronger, healthier, small farmers say
Jan. 29 2016
LANSING — Poultry farmers increasingly raise chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese in environmentally greener and healthier habitats, according to the American Pastured Poultry Producers Associat
Why the critically acclaimed ‘Snowpiercer’ probably won’t make a stop in Lansing
July 30 2014
Maybe you’ve heard of “Snowpiercer,” the sci fi action thriller starring Chris Evans (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) set on a futuristic supertrain. According to the...
Great ‘Apes’ delivers thoughtful examination of humanity, chimps with firearms
July 16 2014
In the 1981 film “Quest for Fire,” three early humans seek out a new pilot light that will keep their tribal fire sustained. It’s the simplest story ever told: Man have flame, man lose...
Lansing indie ‘Ashes of Eden’ aims high with morality play
July 9 2014
The Bible is so hot, you guys. Besides the recent surprise hit films “God’s Not Dead” and “Heaven Is for Real,” there was “Son of God,” yet another biopic of Jesus,...
Studio C! brings back art films starting in September
Aug. 14 2013
As the smoke clears on the summer movie season and the Hollywood studios reap their blockbuster earnings (or bemoan their losses), Studio C! in Okemos is making some room once again for the East Lansing...
Jennifer Aniston tries to save a buzz-less raunchy comedy
Aug. 14 2013
Some comedies demand repeat viewings to allow your brain to wrap around the complexity or the subtlety of the humor, or to soak in a boldly original acting performance. Admittedly, I was no fan of “The...
Sundance hit 'Fruitvale Station' a powerful reminder of ongoing racial strife
July 31 2013
Between the recent George Zimmerman acquittal and that still-trending celebrity chef nastiness, we are reminded, yet again, that we do not live in anything close to a post-racist society. Apparently America...
Quirky comedy captures adolescence at its most surreal
July 17 2013
In the magically surreal world of 'The Kings of Summer,' 15-year-old Joe Toy and a couple of his buddies build a functional two-story house out of found materials, 'Gilligan’s Island'-style, in the...
‘The Bling Ring’ enlightens as it enrages
July 3 2013
Last month, reported that the NSA surveillance scandal inspired a 5,000 percent jump in online sales of the George Orwell novel “1984,” which depicts a ubiquitously monitoring dystopian...
'Now You See Me' gets original with bank-robbing magicians
June 5 2013
The 2006 dueling magician movie "The Prestige" laid out the three aspects of a magic trick: The pledge (introduction of a seemingly normal object), the turn (making something extraordinary happen to that...
McConaughey sheds pride, not shirt, in powerful performance
May 22 2013
After an electrifying breakthrough performance in 1996's "A Time to Kill" — followed by solid showings in "Contact" and "Amistad" — Matthew McConaughey mostly slummed it through the '00s
Intelligent 'Iron Man 3' gets more than armor-deep
May 8 2013
Since the superhero genre was reinvigorated in 2000 with the earnest "X-Men" flick, comic book movies have become, with a few exceptions, less laughable and more laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bankable —...
Jackie Robinson biopic a powerful, bittersweet victory
April 17 2013
The first time we see Jackie Robinson in the biopic "42," he's in silhouette, crouched like a tiger, leading off about 10 feet from first base at a Negro League night game. The pitcher winds up, throws...
April 10 2013
Capital City Film Festival director Dominic Cochran calls the 55 submitted and curated films the festival’s "strongest line-up so far," opting to include a couple that have already been out for awhile
How the conversion of film projection to digital affects filmmakers, fans and businesses
April 10 2013
The Sun Theatre in downtown Williamston is the antithesis of the modern movie theater. At $4 (cash or check only) the tickets are about half the conventional price of admission. The concessions are cheaper...
April 10 2013
Reviews of "Andrew Bird: Fever Year," "Holy Motors," "Tchoupitoulas," "The Story of Luke" and "Only the Young."