Australian drama gives the Holocaust a new set of victims: Nazi children
April 3 2013
Nazis are easy narrative villains — the systematic slaughter of 11 million people really puts them in their own class of evil. Consequently, in literature and film, it's a bold move to depict them...
'Great' expectations
March 22 2013
In a perfect world, a visionary filmmaker such as Sam Raimi could make a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" without having it compared to its 1939 predecessor, inarguably one of the greatest motion pictures...
Film series wraps up at Studio C! before taking the summer off
March 20 2013
Next week, the lights go down for the East Lansing Film Society Film Series' final month of programming before taking the summer off. So long, Werner Herzog; hey there, Iron Man — gotta give those...
Documentary on cash-strapped Detroit Fire Department has power to inspire change
March 6 2013
If it weren't a true story, it would seem like a cliché: The dead city handling its own cremation, one abandoned building at a time. For decades, Detroit has been slipping from obsolescence into...
Niche film series continues with docs, shorts and indies
Feb. 27 2013
In its first two months, experimental film theater Studio C! in Okemos has already transformed the concept of a night at the movies for mid-Michigan filmgoers. It has food several notches above your typical...
Best Foreign Language nominee a brutally honest look at the end of life
Feb. 20 2013
Life, obviously, doesn't come with an owner's manual, but if it did, the film "Amour" would certainly make for a good final chapter — call it "What to Expect when You’re Expiring." Unflinchingly...
Doc shows striking images of melting glaciers, but doesn't inspire change
Feb. 6 2013
It's pretty much settled that humans are responsible for changing the world's climate. Unfortunately, we're submerged in the world of pop culture where loud-mouthed idiots like Rush Limbaugh dupe Americans...
The best parts are made up
Jan. 16 2013
Extraordinary real-life events can make for some great movies. Change a few names, insert a love interest, cut, print and call it a day. Take "Argo," for example — with its combination of political...
Film adaptation of 'world's most popular musical' is a triumph
Jan. 2 2013
"Les Misérables" is quite possibly the most perfect movie ever committed to film: A visionary adaptation of the powerful Broadway musical starring some of modern film's most exciting actors —...
Dec. 19 2012
When Peter Jackson wrapped up his ambitious "Lord of the Rings" saga in 2003 with the triumphant "The Return of the King," it was assumed that was the end of Middle-earth as we knew it — and that...
Williamston movie theater turns to crowdsourcing to leap into 21st century
Dec. 12 2012
There's a flickering cinematic nostalgia that hits moviegoers when they take in a movie at the Sun Theatre in downtown Williamston. It's a virtual 1950s time warp of a structure, complete with a metal-panel...
Doc on Detroit folk singer is stranger than fiction
Dec. 5 2012
Fourteen years ago, a poverty-stricken demolition worker from Detroit took the stage of a South African arena. He stood there, guitar in hand, while the thousands in attendance drowned out his attempt...
Upscale movie theater will provide an intimate, full-service experience
Nov. 21 2012
Sometime in 2015, "Star Wars: Episode VII" will come out and you can already picture the midnight premiere: middle-aged fanboys and fangirls dressed like Vader, Fett and Slave Leia, swinging plastic lightsabers...
Day-Lewis brings 16th prez to life in 'Lincoln'
Nov. 21 2012
Biopics, lately, have been wasted on the eccentric. But if ever there was a man who deserved one, it's the 16th president of the United States — and who better to deliver than the one-two punch of...
East Lansing Film Festival celebrates 15 years of cinematic art
Nov. 7 2012
At the 2012 East Lansing Film Festival — kicking off tonight — Scandinavian art thieves and time-traveling romantic rivals go head-to-head with real-life sushi masters and a mythical folk singer...