Sept. 8 2018
See a mother and daughter relationship play out in chilling sci-fi fashion with apocalyptic settings
Sept. 7 2018
This weekend, the Lansing DIY music imprint GTG Records is hosting its yearly live music cavalcade on the Eastside
Sept. 6 2018
Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella gets reworked with melodies that are enjoyable for both thuggish fiends and upstanding citizens
Sept. 5 2018
Trip yourself out with art done “pareidolia style,” which plays on the psychology of the mind to perceive a pattern where none actually exists
Sept. 4 2018
Enjoy a free concert while eating ice cream and taking in the sights of the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden
Sept. 1 2018
Got nothing to do on Labor day weekend? Put on those dancing shoes and come out for a judgement free swing dance
Aug. 31 2018
Hammer-ons, power chords, drum fills and general riffery will fill the new expansion of the REACH Studio Art Center
Aug. 30 2018
These Lansing photographers went print exclusive in the digital age
Aug. 29 2018
Chuckle and chortle to local and statewide comics while sipping a signature brew by the fireside on the Bad Brewing Co. patio
Aug. 28 2018
Lansing musicians, joined by on the spot volunteers, attacked a room full of murals with black paint and rock ‘n’ roll
180828BioOnTappic (1)
Aug. 28 2018
Who knew beer and biology could go so well together?
Aug. 27 2018
The girl from the Bronx, turned woman of the Supreme Court, paid a rare visit to East Lansing to share her life story of triumph and endurance
Aug. 24 2018
Created by comic Louis Michael and his roommate, the Salsa Parlor comedy show is the latest evolution of home made comedy shows in East Lansing
Aug. 23 2018
Band together in an army of pens and pencils to take down writers block
Aug. 22 2018
Featuring Marco’s Pizza, a Kona Truck and Clint’s Hot Dog Cart, the ribbon cutting at Fairfax Apartments welcomed a new clubhouse and putting green with raffles, putting contests and more
Aug. 22 2018
Enjoy a light appetizer and a local craft brew at this event to support the national fight against Alzheimer’s
Aug. 19 2018
Curious to test your mettle as a derby player? This event will teach you the basics while providing derby equipment for free. Just don’t forget to bring your mouth guard and water, said interleague...
Aug. 15 2018
Ox roast festivities include a 10 ride carnival, the DeWitt Ox Roast Grand Parade, Dewitt Idol, Body Bubbles, a car show, an ice cream eating contest and a frog jumping contest
Aug. 15 2018
Opened in May, MP Social sports riverfront views, an award winning margarita made with beets and shareable plates
Aug. 14 2018
Canning 2,500 cans an hour, McKowen said, "We now have the ability to produce the freshest beer as fast as possible