Sept. 28 2018
Stalwart Michigan folk band Mustard’s Retreat is visiting Lansing to celebrate its new album
Sept. 27 2018
Murals of pop culture icons and musicians from REO Town’s Art Attack community art project went up on the Walter French building this morning
Sept. 27 2018
Fear not prospective dog owners, the eight week Right Foot Series teaches the basics of breeds, training and pet behavior to better prepare new owners for the companionship of a canine
Sept. 26 2018
Broad Museum is abounding with opportunities to sketch, illustrate and draw
Sept. 25 2018
Challenge censorship with this special screening for national banned book week
Sept. 20 2018
Decide who takes the best pairing crown, over five courses of delectable sustenance, in the first Corks versus Caps
Sept. 19 2018
Tom Carr puts Michigan’s most malicious and dastardly residents in the spotlight in his new book, “MI Bad: Robbers, Cutthroats and Thieves in Michigan's Past & Present.”
Sept. 18 2018
The 2003 modern-classic about a washed out rocker posing as a substitute teacher at a prep school gets revamped for a touring Broadway production with big stage guitar riffs and catchy tunes
Sept. 13 2018
Explore the Baroque era of music in Lansing’s historic home with a solo performance by Arnie Tanimoto and his viola de gamba
Sept. 12 2018
Don’t stress out about vampirism when you take a late night walk to learn about Michigan’s nine species of bats
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Sept. 11 2018
Lansing fire chief Dave Purchase, police chief Mike Yankowski and Mayor Andy Schor spoke at Wentworth park beside the 10 foot “H” beam salvaged from the world trade center in a day of remembrance...
Sept. 8 2018
See a mother and daughter relationship play out in chilling sci-fi fashion with apocalyptic settings
Sept. 7 2018
This weekend, the Lansing DIY music imprint GTG Records is hosting its yearly live music cavalcade on the Eastside
Sept. 6 2018
Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella gets reworked with melodies that are enjoyable for both thuggish fiends and upstanding citizens
Sept. 5 2018
Trip yourself out with art done “pareidolia style,” which plays on the psychology of the mind to perceive a pattern where none actually exists
Sept. 4 2018
Enjoy a free concert while eating ice cream and taking in the sights of the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden
Sept. 1 2018
Got nothing to do on Labor day weekend? Put on those dancing shoes and come out for a judgement free swing dance
Aug. 31 2018
Hammer-ons, power chords, drum fills and general riffery will fill the new expansion of the REACH Studio Art Center
Aug. 30 2018
These Lansing photographers went print exclusive in the digital age
Aug. 29 2018
Chuckle and chortle to local and statewide comics while sipping a signature brew by the fireside on the Bad Brewing Co. patio