Aug. 7 2018
This event will solve one of the most mysterious and age old questions of our time: What should we eat tonight?
Aug. 7 2018
Though there are no awards for this 5K, the sweaty work will not go to waste — proceeds will ensure Ingham, Clinton and Eaton County seniors get Christmas presents
Aug. 6 2018
Mayor Schor is kicking off Imagine the Avenue, a new take on bike, parking and car lanes on the 2000 block of Michigan Avenue. The city has plans to expand down the commercial corridor, dep
Aug. 5 2018
Garnering over 50 million views online, and winning “America’s Got Talent” in 2017, 13-year-old musical ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer will bring her cast of Petunia the Diva Rabbit,...
Aug. 4 2018
Bold abstract textile pattern work, illustrations and paintings complete ERI VK’s repertoire.“I think most of my artwork is about missed communication between people,” said VK. “There...
Aug. 4 2018
He’s built an egg made of thousands of sheet marble fragments from the Michigan Train Station, a wooden arc made from an 1893 barn and a pyramid made from 2,109 illegally dumped tires in Detroit
Aug. 2 2018
If racing doesn’t get your goat, racing with an intersection flirting with high speed crashes will. See the rusty battle hardened drivers duke it out on a figure 8 track in Mason
Aug. 1 2018
Some people have it all — the ability to be an artist and an athlete. Artist Langston Whitaker said it’s not so easy being a walking contradiction
Lansing Makers Network teaches how to make jewelry
May 23 2018
THURSDAY, MAY 24 - Ever wonder how jewelry is made? Lansing Makers Network will host a sold-out workshop on teaching the fundamentals of jewelry making tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m
Allen Farmers Market to host first festival of its outdoor season
May 22 2018
WEDNESDAY, MAY 23 - With the weather warming up and spring showers bringing life back to plants, it is the perfect time time to begin preparing a summer garden. Allen Farmers Market, 1629 E. Kalamazoo...
Capitol Flower Planting Day at the Capitol is underway
May 21 2018
The front walkway towards the Capitol building will be getting extra color this morning. Around 9,000 to 10,000 red, orange and yellow flowers will be planted along the sidewalk that leads to the main...
Nov. 17 2017
Want to see a fun musical show while supporting local artists? Check out the Monte Pride Trio as they have their debut performance.Monte Pride Trio - LIVE at The Robin Theatre. Songs and stories
Nov. 16 2017
What better way to celebrate the coming holiday season than with the Silver Bells in the City Celebration. This annual event features live music from Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, the lighting
Nov. 15 2017
Ever wonder what's going on with all the new solar technology being produced? Well, here's your chance. Come sit in on a relevant discussion to solar energy. Refreshments provided!Solar Stuff
Nov. 9 2017
Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel. These three long-dead composers come back to life in a choral and instrumental performance by Lansing Symphony, the University Chorale, the MSU Choral Union, and the State S
Nov. 8 2017
Fall Writing Series: Crystal Good. Ever wonder at the natural marvels of Appalachia? Crystal Good, author of Valley Girl, is coming to the RCAH Theatre to talk about writing, marketing, and the aesthe
Nov. 3 2017
As the weather gets colder and colder, it's important to get in some of those long walks with you dog before the snow starts to pile on. The Harris Nature Center is offering a guided night walk throu
Nov. 2 2017
When published award-winning author George Ella Lyon met Diane Gilliam — an equally lauded poet — they became fast friends. Cut to today, and the duo is coming to MSU to chat about why their
Nov. 1 2017
Tensions are brewing in the air, but Idil doesn’t know it yet. Soon, the 1991 Somalian Civil War will begin, but for now, she must stand up for what she believes in. Idil is a young Somali wom
Oct. 31 2017
Happy Halloween! As monsters and ghouls walk the streets, take the time to unleash some of your inner demons at the Robin Theatre. Today, REO Town’s poetry and spoken word hot spot is featurin