Lou & Harry's Bar and Grill
March 23 2016
“Rightsizing” is one of those business world buzzwords that’s often used to signal dire times for a company. But for Lou & Harry’s, it’s not a euphemism. With the opening...
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
March 16 2016
“My heart weighs heavy to say that I’m officially retiring,” it read in part. “The outcome is clear … leave on my own terms and not spend my time fighting a losing battle...
Bloom Coffee Roasters / Fire Mountain
March 9 2016
“I fell in love with roasting and the art of coffee immediately,” he said. “The smells, the science behind roasting and brewing and the endless knowledge of an ever-evolving industry...
Kellie's Consignments / Gigi's Cupcakes / Wayback Burgers / Whole Foods
March 2 2016
“Thanks to our more than 10,000 consigners and loyal customers, we have outgrown our current location,” said owner Kellie Murphy in an email release
Capital Vine / Tin Can East Lansing
Feb. 24 2016
The taps are part of an innovative preservation and dispensing system that injects nitrogen into the bottle as wine is removed to keep it from oxidizing and changing flavor. It allows Capital Vine to give...
Greenwave Dispensary/Capital Vine/Bangkok House
Feb. 17 2016
After the 2011 Metro Lansing medical marijuana dispensary bubble and its subsequent pop, local cannabis provision centers have mostly flown under the radar. They’ve also been mostly relegated to...
Screen shot 2016-02-10 at 11.51.02 AM
Feb. 10 2016
“The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We are strongly considering several offers of space to open a brick-and-mortar location,” said Dominic Cochran, who co-founded Supu Sugoi with Mai...
Dusty's Cellar/Daddy's Little Grill/Fresh & Furious/Better Health
Feb. 3 2016
Not too long ago, food trucks were simply regarded as mobile chow stations. They were relegated to the parking lots of factories and strip malls or crammed between the elephant ear cart and fresh-squeezed...
Moneyball Sportswear/JB's Sarnie Shop
Jan. 27 2016
The logo for Moneyball Sportswear is swooping and almost avian, a stylized M and B coming together beaklike in the center, with the sides spreading out like wings and a little talon cutting in on the...
Jan. 20 2016
Whether you see marijuana as a healing herb or a scourge on society, local dispensaries peddling the plant aren’t likely to be leaving any time soon
Jan. 13 2016
It’s a good time to be a morning person in Lansing. Over the last year, the number of breakfast joints in downtown, REO Town and Old Town has exploded, and most of them have taken a nontraditional...
2016 preview
Jan. 6 2016
“One part will be dedicated to sit-down dining and another part dedicated to carryout orders,” said Sam Short, who co-owns Potent Potables with his partners Aaron Matthews and Alan Hooper....
Dec. 30 2015
When looking over the crush of new businesses that opened this year in Metro Lansing, you start to see some themes
Dec. 23 2015
“I was actually the coordinator for a road rally for a long time, and I thought, wouldn’t it be good to do one in one location?” Fox said. “So I started doing some research and...
Dec. 16 2015
In recent years, a seemingly unending flow of bohemian spirits and entrepreneurial developers — and the occasional crossbreed of the two — have swept into Old Town and infused it with disparate...
Dec. 9 2015
In June, unrelated accidental fires struck two longtime Metro Lansing businesses —first Bangkok House, a Thai restaurant just north of downtown Lansing, then Kean’s Store Co., a department...
Dec. 2 2015
Lansing’s culinary melting pot got a dash of Eastern European cuisine in late October when ChouPli Wood- Fired Kabob opened on the city’s west side
Nov. 25 2015
Generally speaking, if you happen to find yourself trapped in a small room with five other people and forced to solve a series of logic puzzles in order to escape — a process which may or may not...
Nov. 18 2015
Three new businesses in Williamston celebrated ribbon cuttings last week — with “new” being a relatively loose term here
Nov. 11 2015
Thanks in part to Metro Lansing’s vibrant Hispanic community, local diners have no shortage of choices for reputable Mexican cuisine. And coming soon to a scene already full of Cancuns, Aztecos,...