Central Pharmacy
Nov. 4 2015
Two years ago, registered pharmacist Michael Salquist was in a tough spot. Lansing Community Pharmacy, the independent pharmacy at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Kalamazoo Street he had worked at...
Mackerel Sky
Oct. 28 2015
Skeptics can scoff at the seeming bandwagon attitude of East Lansing’s recent rebranding as “the City of the Arts,” but the moniker is actually the capping of a long, slow march toward...
Oct. 21 2015
Well, today’s the day: Oct. 21st, 2015, the date Marty McFly got a peek at his density (er, destiny) in “Back to the Future Part II.”
Oct. 14 2015
Friday, tickets go on sale for Supu Sugoi, a new pop-up restaurant series coming to Metro Lansing next month
Fox 47 Morning News at 7
Oct. 7 2015
Back in the 1980s, when the Michigan tourism board’s “Pure Michigan” program was just a snuffle in the back of Tim Allen’s honeyed voice, the Great Lake State’s PR machine...
Lansing City Market Retail Market
Sept. 30 2015
Since it opened in 2010, the new incarnation of the Lansing City Market has slowly transitioned from a farmers market that just so happened to also have a bar into a home for the ever-expanding Waterfront...
Sept. 23 2015
For at least the next six months, Sauer will rent the space from Kelley and have total control over the menu, including buying his own ingredients and hiring his own staff. He’s keeping it simple...
Sweet Custom Jewelry/Peppino's Sports Grille
Sept. 16 2015
Just in time to appeal to all the proposers getting ready to get down on one knee between now and New Year’s Eve comes, a new husband-and-wife operation that opens Friday in Old Town. Sweet Custom...
Sept. 9 2015
You can call it a restaurant. You can call it a cocktail lounge. Just don’t call Bridge Street Social, the new eatery coming to downtown DeWitt early next year, a wine bar. Sure, one of the co-owners...
Back to school edition
Sept. 2 2015
Welcome back, consumers — I mean students! While you were gone this summer, a whole roster of new businesses opened within walking distance of the campuses of Michigan State University, Lansing Community...
Aug. 26 2015
Every now and then, the news itself makes the news, giving this old media ouroboros a good old mouthful of print, radio or television broadcasting news. This just in: Local CBS affiliate WLNS announced...
Aug. 19 2015
All the attention is on downtown Lansing this week, with the new “urban bakery” Glazed and Confused selling out of its pastries in mere minutes and Domino’s Pizza Theater firing up its...
Aug. 12 2015
It’s hard work to look good. With all of the microdermabrasion facials, body waxing, laser hair removal, vein treatments and cellulite management casting the allure of eternal youth, it can be a...
Aug. 5 2015
Most aspiring restaurant owners spend hours working with ingredients, trying to develop dishes that will get people hooked. Rahel Musa, owner/operator of Teff-Riffic, an Ethiopean food stand inside the...
July 29 2015
A walkable Lansing bakery seems to be an anomaly. Roma Bakery sits on a busy one-way street a few blocks north of downtown. (It’s also the temporary home of former Old Town sweet shop, Whipped)....
July 22 2015
“The Food Network Effect” has created booming interest in the wheres, whys and hows of food production, as well as a seemingly unending hunger for organic, glutenfree and GMO-free foodstuffs....
July 15 2015
You think baseball games, you think hot dogs, beer and maybe the old peanuts-and- Cracker Jack combo. But Cooley Law School Stadium has gone the gourmet route with its new addition, Good Hops. The specialty...
July 8 2015
In the 1970s, Remington president Victor Kiam waved his company’s signature electric razor around in a series of ridiculous TV commercials, proudly declaring, “I liked the shaver so much, I...
July 1 2015
There haven’t yet been any car accidents attributed to Capital City BBQ yet, but that could soon change. Lansing’s newest barbecue joint is tucked in the back half of Sunshine Cellular, a cell...
The Knight Cap
June 24 2015
In the early ‘70s, a teenaged Leo Farhat was sitting in the dining room of the stillrelatively new Knight Cap in downtown Lansing when he looked around and told his date that he’d like to own...