Feb. 13 2019
In this month's interview with Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, staff writer Kyle Kaminski dissects this year's State of the City address
Jan. 16 2019
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor sits down with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz for their first interview of the new year. The mayor discloses a new willingness to consider multiple locations for city offices...
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Dec. 13 2018
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor sat down with City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz for one last interview of the year at Message Makers’ studio in Old Town. Recreational marijuana, the future of...
Nov. 16 2018
Where does Mayor Schor stand on allowing dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana? What’s next on court consolidation? And what kind of sculpture should be placed in the traffic circle at Washing
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Oct. 16 2018
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor discusses medical marijuana dispensaries, plans for City Hall, scooters and other issues with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz in their latest monthly sit-down
Sept. 19 2018
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says he’s unwilling to spend “millions” on temporarily relocating local courts and the police lockup, so that the plan can go forward to move from City Hall and...