So, the New York Daily news is reporting that former MSU and New York Giants star Plaxico Burress (probably the best athlete name outside of Prince Fielder, Tiger Woods, Placido Polanco and Chone Figgins) has accepted a plea bargain for dumbest holstering of a gun* and will spend 20 months in prison.

Burress pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a firearm in what the News described as a quiet and routine court proceeding. Oh, and Plaxico was wearing a pinstripe suit.

But, Mid-Michigan sports fans, our professional football player spawn isn't all bad.

In what can only be described as a perfectly-timed press release, the Waverly Community Schools announced this morning that alum and Carolina Panthers wideout Muhsin Muhammad** has donated about $10,000 in equipment to the athletic department.

"Muhsin Muhammad, a Waverly alum and currently a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League, has donated a variety of exercise equipment to benefit Waverly High School student athletes for years to come.

The pieces of equipment include one elliptical unit, two treadmills, six combo benches, three floor mats, ten SpeedPac adjustable weights, eight exercise balls and six total body toning kits. The total value of the equipment is over $10,000.

Muhsin is a particularly charity-minded member of the NFL. He has donated equipment to Waverly in the past and runs a charity called the M2 Foundation for Kids***.

But, by now, you're probably wondering who's the better wide receiver: the Carolina Panther who was awarded the "man of the year award" by that same team, or the former New York Giant who caught the first wobbly Eli Manning pass for a touchdown in the 2008 Superbowl.

Well, it's hard to tell. Muhsin's overall stats are better (807 receptions, 10,857 receiving yards, 61 touchdown receptions), but he started four years earlier than Burress (505 receptions, 7,845 receiving yards, 55 touchdown receptions).

Eh, let's just give it to the guy with the exercise balls and bullet wound-less right thigh.

*He shot himself with his own gun, which he was carrying illegally, in the middle of a nightclub.

**Born Melvin Cambell, the name change came after his dad converted to Islam when Mushin was 4.

***According to the charity's 2007 IRS filing, it received $45,299 in contributions, gave out about $61,000 worth of gifts.