Oct. 13 2015 04:37 AM

Third Ward challenger says he's "proud" of his mother

After weeks of robocalls and mailers attacking Adam Hussain for being Jody Washington's son, Hussain has responded with a simple, heartfelt mailer of his own.

Without naming them, Hussain notes an outside organization is trying to influence the election. That group is the shadowy Capitol Region Progress and it is behind the attacks. He writes:

Although I don't always agree with her on every issue (and, frankly who agrees with their mother all the time!), I am very proud of my mom.

She raised my sister and me as a single mother here in southwest Lansing, working multiple jobs to put food on the table and instilling in us the value of hard work/ She came from nothing, and now represents more than 25,000 people on her side of town on City Council.

I credit her for making me the man I am today. Frankly, we need to support strong mothers in Lansing who are trying to make ends meet -- not tear them down.

Hussain then promises to "fight for every available resource" even if that means going toe to toe with his mother.

He is challenging two-term incumbent A'Lynne Boles to represent Lansing's southwest side.