March 14 2019
As a child, I recall visiting my uncle’s cottage near Whitefish Point nestled along the shores of Lake Superior. While my relatives played cards, I watched Canadian crime shows on a small black and...
March 7 2019
Gargoyles, griffins, lions, bears, cherubs, eagles and praying monks. Oh my! All of these, and countless other decorative figures, adorn the buildings of Detroit. But until Oxford, Michigan, photographer...
Feb. 28 2019
I recently caught up with John Smolens, one the Upper Peninsula’s favorite writers. He’s in Boston accompanying his spouse who’s teaching at Merrimack College. He’s been there most...
Feb. 21 2019
Dr. Randal Jelks could have played it safe when selecting the four subjects for his new book partially titled “Faith and Struggle in the Lives of Four African Americans.”
Feb. 14 2019
When it was announced in early February that unpublished works by the reclusive author J.D. Salinger are slowly making their way into print, the legion of Salinger fans were atwitter
Feb. 7 2019
Have you looked under your sink lately? What about your laundry room or your medicine cabinet? What’s in those multitudinous sprays, creams and lotions could be a detriment to your health
Jan. 24 2019
More and more research shows the secret of a new born or toddler’s success lies in reading. A recent article by Megan Cox Gurdon in The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper’s weekly writer of...
Jan. 17 2019
Monumental themes like civil rights, the Vietnam War and women’s equality are common storylines for baby boomer novels. Lansing author Diane Petryk has added the space race to the fray with her new...
Jan. 10 2019
It’s no coincidence that three Michigan Notable Book-recognized authors, Richard Ford, Michael Zadoorian and Josh Malerman, had their work turned into movies this past year
Jan. 3 2019
Jeff Guinn writes about good friends Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and, eventually, Harvey Firestone in “Vagabonds.” Beginning in 1914, the triumvirate of inventors went on a road trip to the Florida...
Dec. 27 2018
Hands down two of the best books from this year’s mix chronicle the Flint water crisis. Anna Clark’s “The Poisoned City” uses a documentary journalistic style to detail what led...
Dec. 20 2018
Shortly after Thanksgiving, a holiday tradition in our household is to bring out a small collection of Christmas books. Over the years, staples like “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”...
Dec. 6 2018
Before the Weather Channel was a few clicks away on a television or a computer, city residents could check postmarks on their daily mail for weather forecasts. Two of these rare “Lansing Weather”...
Nov. 29 2018
Reading “Joni on Joni,” a compilation of interviews with music diva Joni Mitchell, elicits intense memories of good times and bad times and of breakups and makeups
Nov. 15 2018
A front page headline in the May 3, 1935, issue of the Des Moines Register set the stage for a great aerial derring-do, declaring: “How Human Will Fly Like a Bat Today.” Thousands of Iowans...
Nov. 1 2018
Following a short stint teaching at the university level, Cocks decided teaching was not the career she wanted to pursue. Instead, she gravitated toward publishing at School for Advanced Research Press...
Oct. 25 2018
The Archives of Michigan, the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Genealogical Council have pulled together a day-long program for beginners and advanced genealogists. Genealogy web sites trail only porn...
Oct. 18 2018
Sparty has one, William Beal has one, Magic Johnson has one and, of course, former President John Hannah has a statue in his honor. I’m sure you will agree after reading “Duffy Daugherty: A...
Oct. 11 2018
It wasn’t just the author, or authors, who put words on a page, and then went back and crossed out adverbs and introduced punctuation. Although writing is the most important part of getting a book...
Sept. 27 2018
They all went for the iconic Detroit soda pop “Fayg-o-o-o!” In his new novel, “The Faygo Book,” Joe Grimm, MSU Journalism Professor and former Detroit Free Press reporter, ties...