Jan. 15 2014
The Lansing Symphony Orchestra sounded great at its MasterWorks 4 concert, “Tchaikovsky & Beyond,” at the Wharton Center Saturday night. The all-Russian program began and ended with suites...
March 13 2013
Friday, June 15 — If you’re a lover of words, rhymes, wordplay and linguistic acrobatics, you will relish “On the Verge, Or The Geography of Yearning.” You might call its script...
March 13 2013
Because Lansing Community College’s current outdoor theatre production is mostly in the hands of 11 students and three graduates of the school’s Second Semester Theatre Studio, many of them...
May 17 2012
“I’ll tell you exactly how, Miss Sour Britches! Oh, I’m hosting this reunion all right, and it’s gonna be the best one in Verdeen family history. And it’ll be a really good...
March 21 2012
For one thing, it’s their first show in the Curry Street Theatre, LCP’s new home at 6025 Curry Lane in Lansing. Second, it’s the show that might have turned around their slipping reputation...
Feb. 29 2012
That BoarsHead production was the world premiere of the full version of Kent R. Brown’s drama, which tells the story of angry and disillusioned Randy, about to leave home but meeting his father,...
Feb. 8 2012
Why would that be when you’re dealing with the work of a dominant artistic force like Sondheim and a potentially exciting (if somewhat dated) show like “Company?” And also, how can that...
Dec. 28 2011
My favorite show of 2011 was Stormfield Theatre's "Heroes," a play in which all the major elements of what makes fine theater came perfectly together
Nov. 9 2011
Originally written in Review French and translated by Christopher Hampton, Carnage was a major success in Zürich, Paris, London and New York
Oct. 19 2011
Right. What do you do with a 64-year-old play that almost everyone knows something about? A play that’s been described as the best play of the 20th century, that’s won every award imaginable...
Aug. 10 2011
The Woman says, "I want to talk to you about life. It’s just too difficult to be alive, isn’t it, and try to function?” Later on, we hear: “Have you all wondered why sexual intercourse...
July 20 2011
When next-door neighbor, Dr. Benjamin “Doc” Boggs (“Bless my soul, I’ve got me some genuine Yankees for neighbors!”) invites Rob to join him in a Civil War re- enactment,...
May 11 2011
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That operating principle seems to fit Starlight Dinner Theatre impresario Linda Granger. As has been said before in these pages, she has a firm...
March 30 2011
Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. has done it again fulfilled its stated mission of entertaining while raising awareness and encouraging dialogue
Feb. 9 2011
Perfectly supporting the production’s guiding principle of storytelling is the rearranged seating of the already intimate Williamston space to create a theater-inthe-round. This allows the actors...