Nov. 1 2018
If the Democrats’ Get Out the Vote rally at Lansing Community College today was any indication, Michigan Republicans should be very nervous about the outcome of Tuesday’s General Election
Aug. 1 2018
State House candidate Paul DeWeese said today he is “sickened and saddened” by antigay actions he took when he served in the Legislature nearly two decades ago
July 31 2018
The president of a local gay rights political action committee has changed her explanation of why it rated House legislative candidate Paul DeWeese “negative.”
July 26 2018
That’s become clear in the PAC’s unfair “negative” rating of Paul DeWeese, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the race to represent Lansing in the state House of Representatives....
June 7 2018
I was a junior in college when I shared a podium with RFK for a speech I helped arrange in April 1968 at the University of Pennsylvania as part of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination....
June 7 2018
Schor said ultimately the $242 million project to redevelop the old Red Cedar golf course on the east end of Michigan Avenue hinges on getting the support of six of the eight Council members. The city...
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June 6 2018
The thoughts of many Americans turned back 50 years this week to Robert F. Kennedy. For some, those thoughts are personal
May 10 2018
With the Lansing City Council scheduled to take up the project next month, labor issues remain a hurdle for the planned transformation of the old Red Cedar Golf Course from a flood plain to a mixed-use...
May 3 2018
VOA Board Chairman Don McCann confirmed the departure of Patterson, which is being called a “resignation.” He said that Patterson’s predecessor, Alex Brodrick, has come out of retirement...
May 2 2018
Patrick Patterson and the Volunteers of America Michigan, which named him president and CEO just July, have parted ways over “differences.”
April 19 2018
“As a physician, I was one of the people they’d say, ‘You really pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps.’ That’s nonsense. I had to study hard, but if it wasn’t for...
Jan. 18 2018
When President Lou Anna Simon spoke at Rotary of Lansing on Friday, she spent her time on painting the broad picture of campus issues and achievements, from the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams that is...
Dec. 14 2017
We knew it would be a tight race. State Sen. Virg Bernero was challenging Lansing Mayor Tony Benavides, who by dint of being president of the City Council had been anointed mayor after David Holister quit...
Nov. 9 2017
In a farewell address to the Rotary Club of Lansing, Virg Bernero called out community leaders for their willingness to accept mediocrity. His talk was pointedly titled “Mediocre or Marvelous: Metro...
Aug. 3 2017
“Two of a Kind,” Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer, Omnivore Recordings The chief achievement of this recently released extended version of the 1961 collaboration between Johnny Mercer and Bobby...
June 29 2017
Your vote really counts .. because so few bother Here´s something to behold: When Brazil conducted a national election this month, my Brazilian neighbor headed to his county´s consulate in...
June 8 2017
A poll conducted anonymously places Councilwoman Judi Brown Clarke just three percentage points behind State Rep. Andy Schor in the Lansing mayor’s race — much closer than earlier results.A...
June 7 2017
England’s newspaper The Telegraph eulogized Norman Granz as “the most successful impresario in the history of jazz” in its 2001 obituary. Granz created five record labels, the best known...
May 17 2017
Off of the turntable comes “Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook,” a 1977 Verve Records reissue of the 1956 double album, complete with lengthy liner notes across the double...
May 17 2017
Good meant sounding thoughtful on difficult issues. Good also meant not going on the offensive, an important factor after nearly 12 years of incumbent Virg Bernero’s bulldog approach. Many people,...