Feb. 21 2019
“Oklahoma!” is sweeping down the plains of East Lansing and it’s a must-see show. High expectations come with producing one of the most popular and parodied Broadway musicals ever created....
Jan. 16 2019
The road to self-discovery can be perilous but glamorous, at least if you are related to royalty. That’s one potential message to take from “Anastasia,” a new Disney-esque musical now...
Fiddler on the Roof_Joan Marcus
Dec. 5 2018
Looking for a “traditional values” play that’s also a contemporary allegory for persecuted refugees, “Fiddler on the Roof” is here!
Nov. 14 2018
Not all works of art are complete before they’re shown, and “Framing Device” is no exception
Oct. 24 2018
Finally! Shakespeare that isn’t just for Shakespeare nuts. Instead of a striving to be a conventional Shakespeare production, Peppermint Creek’s “Shakespeare in Love” edges toward...
Oct. 10 2018
Ah, Christine Daaé. If only she were warier of full-length mirrors, lest the Phantom be lurking on the other side. But she’s just as naïve in “Love Never Dies,” Andrew Lloyd...
Sept. 13 2018
Riverwalk filled its theater Monday morning for a celebration of life to Helder and tributes have poured in on Facebook. In addition to losing a longtime friend and mentor, Tom Ferris, former Riverwalk...
Aug. 31 2018
William J. “Bill” Helder, a pillar of the Lansing community, died Wednesday morning at age 85
Aug. 16 2018
Everybody has limits, even Renegade Theatre Festival founder Chad Badgero. Since 2005, Badgero has been organizing the three-day, one-weekend festival, seeking out nontraditional spaces from alleys to...
July 19 2018
First conceived by director Julie Taymor, “The Lion King” is a cohesive and colorful blend of classical theater elements like Shakespeare’s stories and Greek masks with modern dance all...
May 10 2018
It’s a dramatic departure from a comedian who is better known for his volatile, political rants.The actual production directed by Mona Gille, however, feels under rehearsed. Despite some individual...
April 19 2018
Descended from a long line of rock musicals like the Who’s “Tommy,” “Rent” and “Hair,” “American Idiot” is a raucous blend of righteous anger, passion...
March 22 2018
Annie Baker’s “The Flick” — an LCC Performing Arts production in partnership with Peppermint Creek Theatre — is essentially a theater production where people talk about movies....
March 15 2018
Set in the Disney Epcot version of London in 1590, “Something Rotten!” makes clear from the beginning that this show is neither historical nor accurate. The chorus sings about all of their...
Jan. 4 2018
By PAUL WOZNIAK It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Audio Airforce’s presentation of “Super Heroes… and Little Orphan Annie!” Mason resident and creator of the audio...
Dec. 14 2017
There’s plenty of magic and wonder alongside tears and heartbreak in “Finding Neverland.” The touring Broadway production, now running at Wharton Center, is not short and certainly not...
Dec. 7 2017
In addition to character work, the actors had to figure out what to do with extra space. “As a rehearsal tool, I would have the students take thirty seconds for each pause and one minute for each...
Nov. 16 2017
Timeless is one of those words that gets tossed around for older movies and shows. But “An American in Paris,” the musical now running at the Wharton Center, really is timeless. It may be based...
Nov. 16 2017
If the descriptors “classic” or “spoken in verse” usually scare you away from the atre, fear not. Michigan State University Department of Theatre’s current production of “The...
Nov. 9 2017
Lansing Community College’s production of “The Government Inspector” now running at Dart Auditorium may be set in 1836 Russia, but the themes and foibles regarding government corruption...