Feb. 21 2019
“The A-Train Plays” would seem to be an unlikely cure for winter-storm induced cabin fever
Nov. 15 2018
The latest production by Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre, “Men on Boats,” may end up being one of the most underappreciated shows of the season. A play about an epic...
Sept. 13 2018
Ferris also casts talented vocalists, including recent Michigan transplant Kameron Going as Jekyll and Hyde. Going has the perfect look for the era, as well as the pipes and stamina to carry him through...
Feb. 22 2018
Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre has an outstanding history of producing plays that address critical social and cultural issues. From “In the Blood” to “Baltimore”...
Feb. 14 2018
On paper, it would seem that “On Your Feet!,” the latest touring musical at Wharton Center, was designed for a consumer like me, a Gen X-er who grew up during the era of Gloria Estefan and...
Oct. 5 2016
In “Pulp,” the latest work by playwright Joseph Zettelmaier, the author has a bit of passive-aggressive fun at the expense of critics
July 27 2016
Williamston Theatre’s world premiere of “Summer Retreat” is a fitting close to its 10th season. The play, written by Annie Martin, highlights several aspects of Williamston Theatre that...
June 1 2016
In the 1990s, there was no job more awesome than working in a record store. Only a privileged few of us got to experience that awesomeness, while the rest of the plebeians wallowed in jealousy. Except...
March 23 2016
“Motortown” is not the kind of play that one likes, in the same way one shouldn’t like a film like “A Clockwork Orange.” Admire, certainly, but like? Nope. Lansing Community...
March 9 2016
Now that Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. is ensconced in the Miller Performing Arts Center, it faces a Review problem familiar to nonprofit theater companies: its ambitions are bigger than its performance...
Dec. 30 2015
The theater companies of the Greater Lansing area produce a tremendous number of quality theatrical productions each year. And while City Pulse’s Pulsar awards are a sincere way to honor the best...
Dec. 2 2015
Williamston Theatre has a rich history of presenting holiday plays that run the gamut from funny to poignant
Nov. 11 2015
Starlight Dinner Theatre knows its target audience, and director Jane Zussman knows how to please them. Its production of “Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical” is a perfect example...
Oct. 28 2015
When a literary work is classified as “important,” the connotation is that it is intellectually ponderous and pretentious. Riverwalk Theatre’s production of “Diary of Anne Frank”...
Baltimore promo Color-
Oct. 7 2015
It doesn’t start with a neighborhood watch shooting, a police beating or a burning cross. It starts with a drawing on a whiteboard. Yet in the residence hall microcosm of “Baltimore,”...
June 3 2015
With its latest production, “Outside Mullingar,” Williamston Theatre proves once again why it earns such recognition as its 2014 National Theatre Company grant. It selects plays that maximize...
March 25 2015
Peppermint Creek’s latest production, “Dogfight,” is a play about unattractive women and crass human behavior, set against the backdrop of a violent global conflict on the eve of a presidential...
Feb. 18 2015
Ixion Theatre’s latest production, “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment — the Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself)” is the polar opposite of its last play. Review...
Feb. 11 2015
Williamston Theatre is entering a new chapter with the purchase of the building it has inhabited since 2006. Its first production since the purchase is historic as well: pairing two respected theater professionals...
Jan. 28 2015
The online description of Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.´s current production, "Or You Could Kiss Me," accurately sums up its storyline about an aging couple who grapple with the impending death of...