March 18 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 30 — Michigan State University’s Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center hosts the talents of three culinary experts as a part of its fall semester visiting chef series that kicks...
Oct. 24 2012
A $1 billion-endowed research university, a Level I trauma hospital, and the hubs of state and city politics sit along the hungry stretch of Michigan Avenue near downtown Lansing. It's a corridor begging...
Oct. 10 2012
Bar 30, which is Eastwood Towne Center's newest addition, has the look and feel of a dance club, with its metallic decor, amoeba-patterned chairs and dance floor flanked by a fully stocked bar. While I'm...
Sept. 26 2012
Moe's Southwest Grill sounds like it could be from an episode of "The Simpsons," featuring the show's longtime bartender attempting to cash in on patrons clamoring for Tex-Mex. Instead, it's an Atlanta-born...
Sept. 12 2012
There's a restaurant in town I treat as a kind of secret lover: I arrange a visit only when circumstances allow, and our times together are infrequent, intimate and always satisfying
Aug. 22 2012
In the grand war of restaurant styles, legions of drive-thrus with rock bottom prices — matching the quality of the food — stand on one side of the battlefield. On the other end stand the...
Aug. 8 2012
There's really no need for a movie after dinner at Ukai Japanese Steakhouse—supper is the show. Arrive in any style, sit back and enjoy an evening of juggling eggs, flipping bowls and flying shrimp
July 25 2012
I've never been to Memphis or Kansas City, west Texas or North Carolina. So for those of you entering competitions with whole chickens, racks of ribs and a handful of butts, take my word with a grain of...
July 11 2012
Opening a new pizza place in town is like planting a tree in the forest: There’s plenty of competition, and even if you survive it’s tough to stand out
June 27 2012
The sandwich shop that stacks the meat high, with locations in East Lansing and Okemos, has a menu you’d expect from a deli: a few dozen sandwiches and burgers, sides that mostly take a trip through...
June 20 2012
Conventional wisdom suggests that urban areas, especially those with higher concentrations of poverty, are more likely to fall within a food desert. The thinking goes that along with food deserts come...
June 20 2012
The colors of the Jamaican flag beckon diners, and I came prepared. Before dining, I chatted up a friend who was born and lived in Jamaica for a time. She told me about the ins and outs of Jamaican cuisine,...
June 13 2012
I much prefer to patronize local eateries over chain restaurants. Based on a select reading of my reviews, some may have a difficult time swallowing that fact. It’s just that I also prefer restaurants,...
May 23 2012
Inside, the blue and white color scheme continues from where the marquee left off, a wall of classic car photographs makes it authentically Michigan, and there are plenty of fixed-bench booths, the kind...
May 16 2012
Mert’s began shortly after the demise of L&L Shop Rite. Co-owner Shirley Decker, who lost her job in the L&L corporate office in March last year, joined her husband, Merton Prescott, a meat cutter...
May 9 2012
A small collection of cylindrical amber fixtures hang at one end of the dining room, bathing the space in an orange-hued light that highlights extensive woodwork, sage green accents and tables so clean...
May 2 2012
Old Town just keeps getting sweeter. In March, Neva Austin, proprietor of breads, pastries, cakes and all things irresistible, opened a new, stand-alone location of her Aggie Mae’s Bakery on Grand...
April 25 2012
There are a couple of spots in town that I head to if I don’t feel like rustling up my own Thai curry at home, but it’s not like the Lansing area is a magnet for the southeast Asian cuisine....
April 18 2012
The new venture is based on Chou’s Taiwanese heritage, a heritage that includes southern Chinese, Korean and Japanese culinary influences, Chou says. All of those flavors find a home on his menu,...
April 11 2012
While that might make for a great way to bring in folks whose conception of "fine dining" begins and ends at a plate of lobster or a French-sounding cut of beef, it’s not the best way to impress...