May 17 2017
Dale D. Hills played Eddie, a backwoods kind of character with a propensity for drinking and shouting. Raine Paul was May, a semi-disturbed lady with proclivity for insecurity and shouting. In fairness,...
May 17 2017
I expected the typical large spud sliced open on a plate and garnished with the toppings I chose. Instead, the server delivered a 7-inch pie tin that looked more like a mini-pizza than a traditional baked...
May 11 2017
The catered pre-show meals at Starlight Dinner Theatre tend to be rather modest affairs with chicken or lasagna. I skipped the supper before “Man of La Mancha,” but when the musical started,...
May 4 2017
On Swagath’s menu, Palak Paneer is described as “cubes of homemade cheese in a spinach-based gravy and spices.” Paneer is an un-aged curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with a food...
April 19 2017
The classic Mexican margarita served at Cancun Mexican Grill in Grand Ledge includes Curaçao — a liqueur made with laraha grown on the island of Curaçao — as well as triple sec,...
April 12 2017
The plot of "Curious Incident” almost takes a detective to decipher. Simon Stephens' stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's novel centers around the 15-yearold Christopher Boone, played with an intense...
April 5 2017
The true wonder of the play was its central character, Cass, as portrayed by Sarah Hayner. Cass, who retreats to Niagara Falls after discovering an unknown side of her husband, was po- litely described...
March 29 2017
I imagine my first-bite reaction to Cugino’s arancini was similar to a dragon's thoughts while biting into a knight in full armor: “Crusty on the exterior but quite warm and rather chewy on...
March 22 2017
In his director’s notes, Andy Callis suggested that “American Hero” had heroic characters who found solutions to “problematic lives.” But when the play ended, all three lead...
March 22 2017
Were I less dedicated to my work, I might grab a thesaurus and find all the synonyms for “wacky,” list all of them, add a few identifications, send it to my editor and say, “This review...
March 1 2017
The nearly 50 performers, directed admirably by Lyn Freeman, cavorted on elaborate sets to music expertly played while executing clever unison dance moves and wearing splendid clothing. The dreamcoat was...
Feb. 22 2017
It’s no secret that to avoid being harsh, reviewers will sometimes focus their comments on set design, lighting or some other facet of the production
Feb. 22 2017
To be honest, a child should probably be writing this review. Lansing Community College’s latest production, “The Snow Queen,” is unabashedly meant for children. The adaptation...
Jan. 18 2017
The world premiere community theater production of the “The Hemingway Play” traced the adult life of the literary icon. To accomplish that, four talented actors portrayed Hemingway at different...
Jan. 11 2017
While somewhat spicy, this dish is not especially fiery. The mixture is spread out on a plate and thick enough to be managed with a fork yet soupy enough to warrant a spoon, but I found using pita bread...
Dec. 28 2016
Looking back on the local theater I saw in 2016, I sometimes found myself missing men and enjoying pain. Hmm … I suppose I should explain. Two themes appeared over and over in the past year....
Nov. 30 2016
I would not be surprised to learn that Larry Shue — author of “The Nerd” — was a great chess player. The classic play — which opened at the Williamston Theatre Friday —...
Nov. 23 2016
Shue wrote two popular farces, “The Nerd” and “The Foreigner,” and had begun to write for television when he died at 39 in a 1985 plane crash. Thatcher, 65, a Lansing native, worked...
Nov. 16 2016
In the hands of director Deric Mc- Nish, William Shakespeare’s play about sorcery, power, revenge and love was a dazzling visual and audio delight worthy of an ovation
Nov. 9 2016
After observing the emotionally charged “Disgraced,” I asked one of its flushed and sweaty actors if the cast felt drained