Sept. 11 2013
Properties: Frank Lloyd Wright home tour, Okemos Houses are one of the most private architectural typologies and everyone loves to sneak a peek. It’s hard to pass up a look at interiors typically...
Aug. 28 2013
Lansing has beautiful parks. No two are alike in the envious range of civic greens, from the pastoral Hawk Island to the articulated town-square style of Reutter Park.Undulating pathways, tree canopies,...
Aug. 7 2013
Property: Rosewood Inn, 15275 Francis Road, Watertown Township Owner: Valerie and Joseph Cordes Assessed value: $310,000 Rural America has a wealth of architectural styles. The Rosewood Inn Bed...
June 12 2013
It's been a few years since the GardenHouse made its appearance on Lansing's East Side, the result of a statewide Cool Cities grant in 2008. You've probably grown accustomed to the presence of the 30-foot-by-96-foot...
May 29 2013
The original Biggby location in East Lansing — an unmistakable feature of the Valley Park area just west of downtown — may soon be demolished. DTN Management has a development agreement with...
May 8 2013
In general, coffee shops have quite the adaptive reuse history — it's an inherent part of coffee-shop DNA. In mid-Michigan alone, coffee shops occupy existing storefronts, houses and gas stations
April 17 2013
East Lansing's residential neighborhoods are fairly traditional when it comes to architectural styles, a good mixture of Tudors, Colonials, Side-Halls, Craftsmans and Cape Cods, to name a few. Every once...
March 27 2013
There's something about a stone house that draws people to it. More than likely, it's the subtle balance of quaint rustic character with a bit of grandeur — a castle, on a small scale
March 13 2013
Gardening at work has sprouted in Holt. Local business owner Steve Anderson is exploring the role of the edible garden — in the front yard of his insurance business
Feb. 27 2013
A library is the living room of the community. A gathering place open to all. Be it a small, neighborhood library or the central district library, the building design must be both civic and approachable...
Feb. 13 2013
A cupola allows a house to reach skyward, filling it with light and air. A relatively rare feature seen in contemporary residential design, the cupola was all the rage during the mid- to late-19th century...
Jan. 23 2013
Last week, we visited this northwest Lansing neighborhood to feature a tax-foreclosed eyesore that's slated for demolition. Here now is its next-door neighbor: Architecture, particularly residential infill,...
Jan. 9 2013
You just know something high-tech is going on inside this building. This week's feature — home to, mid-Michigan's largest independent phone and Internet provider — is a cool cube of...
Dec. 19 2012
It's highly unlikely that a late-Victorian era house is the first image that comes to mind when you think about sustainability. However, that may change
Nov. 28 2012
Imagine designing a public library for a college town in the early 1960s. Fifty-two years later, the building is still in full use and the library staff cites a handheld piece of technology as an essential...
Nov. 14 2012
One of the most easily recognizable architectural styles is the A-frame, ubiquitous in the construction of lake and mountain homes. This style of architecture, which has been utilized throughout history,...
Oct. 24 2012
Few buildings have enjoyed celebrity like the skyscrapers of the 20th century. Skyscrapers define a city's skyline and identity. On both accounts, Lansing's tallest building doesn’t disappoint
Oct. 10 2012
Do the buildings in which you spend your days and nights elevate and enrich the spirit? Think about it — Michigan modernist architect Alden B. Dow certainly did
Sept. 26 2012
Rumor has it that there are Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Okemos. It's a mid-century suburban legend you may have been privy to at some time or another, often uttered when the subject turns to architecture...
Sept. 5 2012
Good buildings are not only attractive — they also have good DNA. What is building DNA? It's the original construction essentials like superior craftsmanship and quality materials that hold up through...