March 13 2013
There are two rules at Club Xquisite: The show must go on — and the clothes must come off.
March 13 2013
Hey there, "People Like Us": What's a nice movie like you doing in a summer like this?
March 13 2013
Don’t get me wrong: I am all in favor of recycling. But when it comes to movies, that idea can go a little too far. Remember a few years ago, when it seemed like every TV show that ever made it to...
March 13 2013
Katy Perry has been topping the charts and bringing crowds to the arena for almost four years. For some of us, that’s barely longer than our last visit to the emergency room, but it’s practically...
March 13 2013
Friday, July 6 — “Katy Perry: Part of Me” is showing around the world in 3D. But for Shawn and Claire Buitendorp, the real thrill comes from 2D — as in Two Dresses. The 22-year-old...
March 13 2013
Wednesday, July 11 — There has not been much music in the former Chrome Cat space since the bar closed last year. That will change July 19 during “Dollar-Bin DJ Night,” one of the Broad...
March 13 2013
THURSDAY, July 12 — The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University has announced a new dedication date.
March 13 2013
Since “The Dark Knight Rises” is the concluding chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy, it’s not particularly startling to find the movie’s recurring...
March 13 2013
Friday, Aug. 17 — Authors are often advised to “write what you know.” In “Ruby Sparks,” depressed novelist Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano) takes that a step further: He writes...
Oct. 17 2012
"Happy Days" used to make my mother crabby — it was a distinctly bittersweet experience to find the decade of her adolescence turned into a period piece. With that, I issue a warning to all of you...
Oct. 3 2012
Many science-fiction movies try to dazzle us with the high-tech sights of tomorrow. That's not the case with writer-director Rian Johnson's "Looper." Although it's set in the 2040s, the world it shows...
Sept. 19 2012
Following World War II, Americans began to question the conventions of society as never before, explaining the enormous popularity of novels like Somerset Maugham’s "The Razor’s Edge" and the...
Sept. 5 2012
They used to write backwoods ballads about men like the Bondurant brothers, the Virginia moonshiners who built their own little empire during Prohibition. Unfortunately, instead of picking up his guitar...
July 18 2012
There has not been much music in the former Chrome Cat space since the bar closed last year. That will change Thursday during "Dollar-Bin DJ Night," one of the Broad Art Museum’s summer events in...
July 18 2012
"Yes, finally!" said founding director Michael Rush, with a laugh. "It seems every day there are dramatic changes, and we will be fully ready and installed by then — probably, we’ll be ready...
July 18 2012
"He ends up in Newport, R.I., because he wants to find adventure," explained Andy Callis, who is directing Matthew Burnett's dramatization of "Theophilus North" for Lansing Community College's Summer Stage...
July 11 2012
The Buitendorps checked out the film last week (along with their older sister, Erin, a City Pulse Pulsar judge). They didn’t have to wait very long to see the first of their creations on the screen
July 5 2012
Faster is the chief operating officer of the National School Climate Center, which organized the BullyBust program three years ago in response to the problem of bullying in schools. In 2010, BullyBust...
July 5 2012
"They are saying goodbye to the lake, to the summer, to other people, but they're still hanging on. She calls him a tough old buzzard, and that's what they are: They're buzzards, hanging on, keeping the...
June 27 2012
Nine years ago, Christine Dwyer fell under the spell of Idina Menzel, the actress who originated the role of the green-skinned enchantress Elphaba in “Wicked.” The “Wicked” tour...