Dec. 7 2016
Believe it or not, the Republican-dominated Legislature is giving hope to clean-energy advocates who are anxious about the direction our climate-denying president-elect could take the country on energy...
Aug. 17 2016
Every night at about 9:30, Vivian "Mama Bear" Thomas waits excitedly for her friends to come by for dinner. She sits beneath a deck umbrella and blue plastic tarps, held together by dead tree branches....
May 18 2016
In 2008, the Lansing Board of Water & Light announced plans for a new 350-megawatt coal/biomass plant to replace aging units at its Eckert plant near Moores Park. After fierce public opposition, the BWL...
Dec. 23 2015
As part of an auction process led by the Federal Communications Commission, stations will have the opportunity next year to bring in tens of millions of dollars in new revenue by selling off its space...
Skyline Square
Dec. 9 2015
In a major shift, state Sen. Rick Jones amended legislation Tuesday to govern medical marijuana dispensaries to follow the same tiered distribution system as alcohol
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Dec. 7 2015
MONDAY, DEC. 7 — Some key advocates are threatening to withdraw support for a proposal to regulate the growing, distribution and sale of medical marijuana statewide amid attempts by the alcohol indu
Dec. 2 2015
It’s like Nixon going to China. Rick Jones is a conservative ex-cop who is leading the charge to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. His actions may soon allow the operators of the...
Nov. 18 2015
Organizers for one of two full-fledged ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana statewide hope to have the necessary 250,000 valid signatures in the next six weeks to make the November 2016...
Nov. 4 2015
Ingham County is poised to become the first county in Michigan to ban the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors
Oct. 14 2015
After clearing the state House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority this month, a legislative package to tax and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries has a strong likelihood of making it...
Sept. 9 2015
A far-right tea party conservative could make strange bedfellows with Michigan Democrats (insert Todd Courser joke here) as lawmakers craft a new statewide energy policy. State Rep. Gary Glenn...
July 22 2015
The race to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan is on. Two groups attempting to put the question before voters in 2016 share the same goal of ending pot prohibition, but their regulatory...
April 1 2015
The Lansing Board of Water & Light is poised to be a statewide leader as Michigan starts a new chapter of renewable-energy development. When a utility official confirmed last month that the BWL has chosen...
July 23 2014
For Robin Schneider, House Bill 4271 has been three years in the making. The legislation — approved overwhelmingly by the state House in December and unanimously by a Senate committee last week...
July 9 2014
A new tentacle branching off the Lansing River Trail near Aurelius Road leads travelers into Lansing’s largest park — and one recently reopened after being closed for decades due to contamination
June 11 2014
Abby Clark got her first taste for politics at a time when many people her age couldn’t have cared less for the Democratic process. It was 2000, she had just turned 18 years old, the economy was...
May 7 2014
This story began in April 2012, shortly after a source suggested City Pulse poke around the finances of Common Ground Music Festival — how it’s paid for, what the city is on the hook for and...
April 30 2014
The landlord of the Lansing Police Department’s North Precinct says the city could save nearly $100,000 a year for the next four years by staying put and not moving to the Lansing School Districtowned...
April 30 2014
Property: 134 Regent St., Lansing Owner: David and Carrie Muylle Architect Daniel E. Bollman says: While its exterior is plainly attractive, the subtle details make this unassuming home notable....
April 30 2014
It appears the Lansing City Council will hold off on appropriating money for public art in the annual budget, opting for a less formal set of guidelines and procedures for installing works throughout the...