March 18 2013
Tuesday, June 28 — On Saturday, local firefighters and policemen took to the basketball court as the first step in a drive for blood donations. The final score — which saw firemen in the lead...
March 18 2013
A major donation to Michigan State University will soon introduce students to a plethora of foreign writers, as well as spurring cultural connections between the U.S. and Israel
March 18 2013
The Michigan State University Museum is honoring the memory of Michigan’s soldiers with an exhibit on Michigan’s role in the Civil War
Sept. 14 2011
Although they just turned 21 in April, the pair has already graduated from LCC’s fashion design program, created a dress for singer Katy Perry and secured internships with designer Betsey Johnson...
Aug. 10 2011
Art Alley’s biggest accomplishment in this first year, however, has been the ambitious project known as MI-ArtShare, a project designed to help the arts flourish in Michigan and to help artists...
Aug. 3 2011
Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, has dedicated his life to enhancing the relationship between animals and humanity. Now that fight has been chronicled in Pacelle’s...
July 20 2011
It’s been a long road, but after its christening celebration on Sunday, the temple at 3015 S. Washington Ave. south of REO Town stands as a true-to-form, traditional Vietnamese Buddhist temple. The...
June 29 2011
Since February, Skintimate Studios has been running a contest in conjunction with designer Mara Hoffman in an effort to hunt down original women’s ensembles. Designers from across the country submitted...
June 22 2011
This weekend, the Lansing Media/ Theatre Project will bring a digital twist to its comedic routine at the Riverwalk Theatre. In its production of “The Digitizer,” LMTP will mix traditional...
May 18 2011
There was nothing cloak and dagger in the arrangement, though. These artists far from the “taggers” that many cities have attempted to crack down upon were invited as part of the latest in...
May 11 2011
Sixty-one years after it debuted on Broadway, "Guys and Dolls" is what Mitchell calls the “quintessential musical,” and has since been performed on stage more than any other musical, with numerous...
Dec. 21 2010
WKAR is ringing out the holiday season with its second edition of a “Backstage Pass Christmas,” airing at 10 p.m. Thursday on channel 23. This year's show offers a variety of music straight...
Dec. 8 2010
The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is honoring those that have most contributed to Lansing’s arts scene.The honors consist of two awards, based on nominations from the public. The Applause Award...
Dec. 3 2010
On Saturday, Goldenrod marks this changing of the times with its final annual open house. The event includes the auctioning of Goldenrod memorabilia, a “buy five CDs, get one free” sale, $2...
Nov. 24 2010
7:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 and Saturday, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11 Starlight Dinner Theatre Waverly East Intermediate School, 3131 W. Michigan Ave, Lansing $15 for the show; $30 for dinner ($25 for...
Nov. 24 2010
Coffee at Decker’s will soon come with a view. Decker’s Coffeehouse, 220 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing, is teaming up with Riverwalk Theatre to host a silent art auction. Funds raised...
Nov. 17 2010
For "We Live in Michigan," Miles took the feelings of the musical and broadened them out to reach the whole state. To that end, Miles has done extensive research into many aspects of Michigan, hoping to...
Nov. 10 2010
Sandra Seaton would like to put a different spin on the way the African- American experience is generally presented on stage.Seaton’s "Music History" is a drama with a few musical touches, reflecting...
Nov. 4 2010
It was many hard hours and long nights in the making, but the set for the Wharton Center’s "Mary Poppins" is ready for the spotlight
Nov. 3 2010
A new art studio opening in Lansing seeks to offer hands-on art experience in addition to the classic gallery stylings. The new studio, Gallery 1212, is set to open Sunday, Nov. 7