March 18 2013
Wednesday, Feb. 23 — Being gay and Christian is not an oxymoron. At least that’s what a panel discussion will address Thursday at Michigan State University
March 18 2013
The belief in the supernatural is usually not something most people talk about. This weekend, the three-day-long Cosmic Connection Convention and Psychic Fair will give you the chance to explore the unknown
March 18 2013
Tuesday, April 5 — The former Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lansing will have new tenants soon: the St. Andrew Dung-Lac Parish, a Vietnamese Catholic congregation
April 13 2011
The first acts have been announced for this year’s Common Ground Music Festival, and music fans should prepare for a dose of classic rock from the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd and a dash of contemporary...
April 6 2011
Alto saxophonist Jordan Lulloff says he doesn’t mind a little musical back-up.“I’ve always liked playing, and I love performing,” Lulloff said. “I especially like performing...
Feb. 23 2011
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is advertising this as the 50th anniversary of the dance, which the troupe will perform at Wharton Center Tuesday and which remains a signature piece in the company’s...
Feb. 16 2011
The idea of the mask is about transformation whether it’s transforming into someone uninhibited (like the party masks on display), transforming into an alternate identity, such as a superhero, or...
Feb. 16 2011
“Embodying Our Words” offers a chance for writers to share their work dialogue, workshops, performances and open writing sessions that all correspond to the theme of embodied writing. The two-day...
Feb. 2 2011
Another community sing known as Michigania! closes out Saturday. Six Michigan singers will lead the crowd in songs from the 1920s to the 1990s, and Rachel Alexander, the founder of Lansing’s womens’...
Feb. 2 2011
Super Bowl Sunday will offer a chance for local residents to help provide health care in Guatemala
Feb. 2 2011
Last Saturday night, the Blackened Moon Concert Hall was filled with smoke, booze and local Lansing metal bands, as Occasus held its CD release party. “The metal scene tries to help each other out,”...
Jan. 26 2011
Art by Kimberly Lavon Katalyst Gallery 1214 Turner St, Lansing 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m.-7:15 p.m. Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday (517) 708-8916
Jan. 26 2011
Standing in the freezing cold. A mob of 18-year-olds. Being blinded by ridiculously bright spotlights. It was almost worth it to see Cirque Du Womp’s first-ever show in Lansing. Saturday night, The...
Jan. 21 2011
Katalyst Art Gallery in Old Town is showcasing Kimberly Lavon as this month’s featured artist. Lavon’s print collections, “Skeleton Society” and “Animalesque — A Social...
Jan. 18 2011
Expect something new when “Stomp” returns to the Wharton Center Friday. Two new full-scale routines are part of the show, as well as updated and restructured sections. But the percussion pageant...
Jan. 12 2011
Three Michigan State University jazz groups will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests.” The concert — to be performed twice on Sunday...
Jan. 4 2011
Riverwalk Theater will showcase Yasmina Reza’s “The Unexpected Man” at a special fundraising event Friday and Saturday to “help us get through the winter months,” said Mike...