Aug. 17 2016
When a man finally offers a ride, she knows it’s not out of chivalry or kindness — it’s for sex. With only seconds to profile him, she knows the ride can land her one of several places:...
Aug. 13 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 13 — A second referendum campaign to keep Michigan wolves off the state’s hunting list is just as much about politics as it is about conservation. The group behind the effort...
Aug. 2 2013
Friday, Aug. 2 — As city officials and local advocates have focused recently on Lansing’s Sister Cities relationship — or lack thereof — with St. Petersburg, Russia over human rights...
Aug. 1 2013
Thursday, Aug. 1 — For Lansing resident Yvonne LeFave, Christmas came early this year. On Wednesday, she became the first person in the state to own an ELF
July 31 2013
Tim O’Rourke, one of the co-owners of Stober’s Bar on East Michigan Avenue, is frustrated. The city of Lansing rain garden outside his business — which he didn’t build and isn’t...
July 31 2013
Sunday will be a day of firsts. Lansing will be the first city in Michigan to have a public bike share program. And the launch will be the first project of A2B Bikeshare, a new Ann Arbor startup specializing...
July 29 2013
Monday, July 19 — Mid-Michigan Sports Turf LLC has officially taken over at the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex. The company’s owner is pitching a future “championship artificial turf...
July 26 2013
Friday, July 19 — Although she’s still technically a 'chief,' she won't be getting a badge or uniform with this job. Former Lansing Police Department Chief of Police Teresa Szymanski has started...
July 25 2013
Thursday, July 25 — Lansing Township has officially begun discussions to create an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, joining three other Lansing-area townships that are pushing for similar measures....
July 25 2013
Thursday, July 25 — The Lansing Board of Education unanimously adopted new policies regarding the layoffs, recalls, placements and evaluations of teachers at a special meeting tonight. However, the...
July 24 2013
Wednesday, July 24 — A Lansing resident’s formal request for what he believed was public information gathered by the Lansing Police Department through automatic license plate readers has been...
July 24 2013
Several Lansing area police departments have been using car-mounted automatic license plate readers to passively collect and store data on motorists — some for as long as two years — without...
July 24 2013
Property: Various rain gardens on Michigan Avenue in Lansing. Is that a bush growing out of the sidewalk? Is that fenced-in hole just a big cigarette butt and trash depository? Nope, it's just a rain...
July 22 2013
Monday, July 22 — Lansing City Councilwoman Jody Washington said tonight she will collaborate with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and the rest of the Council on a unified message against the anti-gay...
July 17 2013
The city's budget battle this year was not won by compromise between the Lansing City Council and Mayor Virg Bernero. Bernero got his way by vetoing all of the amendments the Council had made to his budget
July 12 2013
Friday, July 12 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and At-Large City Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar have received the highest rating in this year’s primary election races from the political action committee...
July 11 2013
Thursday, July 11 —House Democrats, including three local representatives, introduced legislation today to increase transparency and accountability from gas companies that practice horizontal hydraulic...
July 10 2013
Ben Baldwin probably reached the coda of his career as Lansing Everett High School's band director too early
July 10 2013
Property: 565 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing Assessed value: $270,700 Owner says: Could not be reached for comment
July 8 2013
Monday, July 8 — The Lansing City Council’s first look at the new lease agreement between the city and a private company for the Kenneth A. Hope Soccer Complex came with questions about the...