Nov. 15 2018
Congregation Shaarey Zedek (meaning ‘Gates of Righteousness’) recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the signing of its Articles of Association. After merging with a younger congregation...
Nov. 1 2018
No respondents correctly identified the Oct. 3 Eye for Design’s mural detail in The Cosmos & Zoobie’s Tavern (below) at 1200 N. Larch St.. in Lansing
Oct. 25 2018
Even the vibrant signage on the storefront does not detract from the bold roof forms that define this iconic building, now Bell’s Pizza. Constructed in 1963, the building formerly housed Dawn Donuts...
Oct. 4 2018
Fran Deatrick of Haslett was the first person to correctly identify the Sept. 12 Eye for Design, stating that it is the “elaborate column capital is from the Bharatiya Temple in Haslett” (pictured...
Sept. 27 2018
Following a prolonged construction schedule, this much-anticipated structure is scheduled to open soon as a brewpub and restaurant
Sept. 13 2018
We received several correct and incorrect guesses regarding last month’s Eye for Design, and Bryan Kurtz of Laingsburg provided one of each. But he was the first person to locate correctly the limestone...
Sept. 6 2018
The site of this church had been owned by another local church, which chose instead to build on another site along Abbot Road. After acquiring this site and demolishing the building that stood there, building...
Aug. 23 2018
Despite several excellent guesses, no readers correctly identified the June 27 Eye for Design’s brick and stone detail at 106 E. Cesar Chavez Ave. (below) in Lansing’s Old Town. Such elaborate...
Aug. 16 2018
The lack of rain, paired with this season’s uncomfortably high temperatures, has distressed the region’s ubiquitous manicured lawns. Frankly, few things are so curious as watering one’s...
June 28 2018
As the large-scale construction in downtown East Lansing has shifted the city’ s cultural events to the intersection of Bailey and Albert streets, the collection of artistic fence panels installed...
June 21 2018
Even without such documentation, one need only look at the river rock walls to conclude that it predates the modern building above. The foundation most likely served as the original lower level to the...
May 31 2018
John English of East Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the May 9 Eye for Design (below) as the “Grove Street parking structure near 54b District Court
May 24 2018
Despite its location between two major thoroughfares, this property is difficult to locate, as it sits well back from Oakland Avenue and above East Saginaw. Visitors taking a detour along Prudden Street...
May 10 2018
Stephen Dothage of Lansing was the first person to correctly identify the April 11 Eye for Design as 109 West Michigan Ave. in Lansing, adding that it “houses the Michigan Department of Health and...
May 3 2018
Since this building was built in 1965, it carries the characteristics of its Midcentury Modern predecessors, expressing them in a more mature version of the era’s style that introduces regional influences...
Sept. 28 2017
Thank you for reading this City Pulse article. Help keep our pulse strong, click here to contribute to our award-winning news coverage.EYE CANDY OF THE WEEK233 E. Grand River Ave. (Potbelly Sandwich Shop)...
Sept. 21 2017
Eye for DesignEast Lansing Nancy and Michael Dunn of East Lansing were the first correct response to the Aug. 9 Eye for Design. The studded column capitals may be found at the entrance to Playmakers’...
Sept. 14 2017
2121 S. Washington Ave. LansingThis home appears to be wellmaintained, apart from the obvious damage to the front porch caused by a broken limb. According to the reader who reported this home, the fallen...
Sept. 7 2017
David C Hollister Lansing City Hall Lansing While diverse opinions have been offered about this building recently, few can deny that it stands as a superb example of Mid-Century Modernism. The main nine...
Aug. 31 2017
Eyesore of the WeekEyesore Revisited 6109 S. Cedar St. LansingThis property was featured as an (see below), in March 2015, following a reader tip. At that time, the owner had indicated his preference...