June 21 2017
But the best thing to come out of covfefe-mania is Strange Matter Coffee Co.’s new seasonal drink, Covfefe. Described as “a coffee white Russian,” this refreshing concoction features...
June 21 2017
When I “graduated” from sixth grade, my elementary school hosted a ceremony to send us off into junior high. I, along with my fellow graduates, sang Boyz II Men’s “It’s So...
June 15 2017
I moved to East Lansing from Portland, Ore., nearly 10 years ago. One of the things I immediately missed about Portland was the vibrant and diverse food scene. Since that time, the Greater Lansing restaurant...
June 15 2017
Summer is supposed to be a chance for university types to relax. Not so for Department of Theatre Professor Rob Roznowski, artistic director of MSU’s Summer Circle Theatre. The outdoor theater series,...
June 7 2017
On their honeymoon, Stanley Hollander told his new wife, Selma, that she would never have to work. So when he landed a job at Michigan State University and the couple arrived in East Lansing in 1958, she...
May 31 2017
When Lansing native Lisa Kron started working with composer Jeanine Tesori on a musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir “Fun Home,” she knew it was a powerful story but...
May 24 2017
For just $5, you get a classic Dagwood’s burger, French fries and a 12-ounce draft beer (or a soda for the teetotalers out there). You can add cheese for an extra $0.50. There’s no flimsy plastic...
May 17 2017
Even in the Internet age, sometimes the best way to get noticed is to get out into the real world and get in front of people. The East Lansing Art Festival, which kicks off this weekend, offers artists...
Charly Bliss - Press Photo by Jacqueline Harriet
May 11 2017
It’s easy to see why many critics can’t resist comparing Charly Bliss’ debut album, “Guppy,” to Weezer’s iconic self-titled debut, aka “The Blue Album.”...
May 11 2017
There’s a real outlaw spirit that runs through the Crafted Bean. Up in DeWitt, far from the millennial student population at MSU or the hipsters of Lansing’s REO Town district, Justin Hartig...
May 4 2017
It’s fitting then, that the exhibit will be hung in the Grid, a bar/arcade that celebrates the 1980s heyday of pinball and arcade games
April 26 2017
No meat, unfortunately, but it’s a forgivable omission. This is a hefty plate that’s perfect for sharing. You probably shouldn’t eat the whole thing yourself. (Reader, I did.)
April 26 2017
On an idyllic evening last week, as the sun set over the golden fields of Woldumar Nature Center, photographer Cheryl Baase coaxed a lumbering, 120 pound English mastiff onto a rustic cabin porch. Charlie,...
April 19 2017
“Broadway has become quite a magnet, especially with the new megahits like ‘Hamilton’ that seem to come out every year. It’s becoming America’s art form,” said Mike...
April 12 2017
But back to the wings. To paraphrase their namesake, these wings ain’t nothing to eff with. These wings are smoked then flash fried, giving them a great smoky flavor while creating a nice, crispy...
April 12 2017
Frontier Ruckus cut its teeth in the Michigan music scene of the early 2000s, quickly earning a devoted fan base with its potent mix of melancholy nostalgia, quirky instrumentation and folk-inspired delivery
April 5 2017
I’ve been a semi-regular diner at Sushi Ya since roughly 2007, when my brother lived in an apartment directly above its old location near the corner of Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue. (Both Sushi...
March 29 2017
“How did he not think of Feidler on the Roof?” he asks. “‘My name is Feidler, I’m going to be on the roof — Feidler Roofing Co.’ Three in the morning, I’m...
March 22 2017
Some topical theater works date quickly as the world changes around them. Others come around again as events bring the world’s attention back to certain issues. The reaction to “17 Border Crossings,”...
March 22 2017
When I visit a restaurant, I’m always looking for interesting you-can-only-get-it-here items. On my most recent trip to Olympic Broil, I strayed from my usual order — olive burger and onion...