Feb. 3 2016
The relatively sleepy town of Holt may not seem like a likely locale for a sportswriter with national reach. But the Internet has a way of changing things
Jan. 28 2016
THURSDAY, Jan. 24 — Habitat for Humanity Lansing welcomed the Bonds family into their new home on Forest Avenue during a home dedication ceremony on Saturday. Friends, volunteers and oth
Jan. 27 2016
Common Ground Music Festival is still nearly six months away, but the popular summer festival has already confirmed its first artist. The festival’s organizer, Meridian Entertainment Group, announced...
Jan. 27 2016
We’ve all been there. You’re trying to eat better, but, because of circumstances or poor planning, you find yourself famished and the only food source is the office/hotel/school vending machine
Jan. 27 2016
Nailing down Lansing’s oldest bar is a tricky proposition. In one sense, there are no bars that predate Lansing’s extended prohibition, which ended with the end of national Prohibition in 1933
Jan. 26 2016
TUESDAY, Jan. 26 — Ohio-based deli JB’s Sarnie Shoppe has reached a deal with the Eyde Co. to lease about 2,000 square feet of space on the Knapp's Centre’s first floor. Owner Gareth...
Jan. 26 2016
TUESDAY, Jan. 26 — Common Ground Music Festival is still nearly six months away, but the popular summer festival has already announced its first artist. The festival announced this morning that coun
Jan. 20 2016
While Moriarty’s Bar has hosted local bands for years, the venue hasn’t always been comfortable for performers. “The bands used to set up in front of the fireplace,” said local...
Ice Rink - Complete 2015
Jan. 14 2016
THURSDAY, Jan. 14 — Ice on the roads is no fun, but the City of East Lansing is hoping that ice in a park will give residents another winter entertainment option. A temporary pop-up ice skating will
Jan. 13 2016
When talking about mixing musical cultures, writers are often drawn to metaphors of gumbos or stews. That doesn’t seem appropriate for global soul outfit Chic Gamine, which hails from Winnipeg and...
Jan. 13 2016
A caravan of local musicians will pack up their gear and head south later this month to see how their blues chops stack up against the rest of the world
Jan. 6 2016
“I don’t have any expectations. I was just excited to be a part of the family, to be invited in to do a couple of episodes,” Showerman said. “My character is still alive, so I hope...
Dec. 30 2015
A swing through Pinterest, the Internet’s premier site for wedding envisioning, shows that plenty of couples are still planning traditional black-and-white garb for their weddings. But dig a little...
Dec. 23 2015
Lansing Community College’s theater program may be small — its website lists just two full-time faculty — but it will have an opportunity next month to prove it can hang with the big...
Dec. 23 2015
While she has only been with the center for two weeks, she seemed right at home. As we walked into the room devoted to the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame, her eyes scanned the dozens of portraits...
Dec. 23 2015
We all know that there’s a lot of terrible holiday music out there. You can hardly walk through a department store or turn on the radio without hearing some plodding version of “Little Drummer...
Sense of Place Awards Announcement
Dec. 17 2015
THURSDAY, Dec. 17 — Placemaking efforts in Lansing got a big financial boost this week as the city awarded $120,000 to projects throughout the city.The City of Lansing
Dec. 9 2015
Country artist David Frizzell produced a string of hit records in the 1970s and 1980s, but his biggest hit — the 1981 duet, “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” with Shelly...
Dec. 7 2015
MONDAY, Dec. 7 — Lansing country station WITL (100.7 FM) and Townsquare Media announced today the return of the Taste of Country music festival to Cooley Law School Stadium
Dec. 2 2015
Morgan James calls herself a soul singer, but her career doesn’t fit neatly into that box