Aug. 17 2016
To be clear, the three buck lunch is not on the menu. It’s the name I gave to my favorite lunch combination from the Michigan Avenue pizza joint. The three buck lunch comprises three $1 items: a...
Aug. 17 2016
This year’s Cheap Issue features a trio of stories about local thrift shops. Ty Forquer talks to local thrift store shoppers, Lawrence Cosentino runs down his top 10 thrift store treasures and Todd...
Aug. 10 2016
The Great Lakes Folk Festival takes over the streets of East Lansing this weekend, offering three days of live music, jam sessions, cultural activities, art vendors, food and more. City Pulse takes a look...
Aug. 10 2016
We designed the Drink, the beverage-based companion to the Dish, to highlight cocktails and mixed drinks. But then I wandered into an Old Town coffee shop and met this sweet thing
Aug. 3 2016
Most days, the subjects in front of Jena McShane’s camera are what you would expect for a professional photographer — newborn babies, blushing brides, beloved pets and the like. But for the...
July 29 2016
FRIDAY, July 29 — Just month’s after East Lansing’s Broad Art Museum made its silver screen debut in “Batman v Superman,” another iconic Greater Lansing narrowly missed an...
July 27 2016
I am a craft beer fan and, if you’ll permit me this brag, I have been on the bandwagon longer than most
July 27 2016
After a month-long search for a new executive director, the Old Town Commercial Association has announced its new leader. Vanessa Shafer, an East Lansing native and Okemos resident, started in the position...
July 6 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first-ever City Pulse Common Ground Music Festival awards, the Commies! (Oh, that’s a terrible name. Well, don’t worry about that. We’ll think of...
June 29 2016
Several people had told me that the food at Black Cat Bistro was really good, but once I heard about the café’s selection of specialty bloody marys, I knew I had to investigate. The bar’s...
June 29 2016
If Common Ground Music Festival gave out an award to the artists performing farthest from their hometown, the guys from Civil Twilight would likely be this year’s winners. Hailing from Cape Town,...
June 29 2016
Across the U.S., especially in the South, the idea of barbecue takes on different forms from region to region, as each area has its own idea of what kind of meat should be smoked, how to smoke it and how...
June 20 2016
MONDAY, June 20 — Much of Lansing’s recent entrepreneurial growth has been driven by three Bs: breakfast, barbecue and beer. A pair of local business are hoping to add another B into that mix:...
June 16 2016
THURSDAY, June 16 — What else is there to say about “The Book of Mormon?” It’s a scathing satire of unthinking religion — mostly of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...
June 15 2016
Both the sandwich and the north Lansing diner are named after the late Mijo Kovac, a Croatian immigrant who came to Lansing in the 1970s in hopes of landing a job at GM. Instead, he ended up owning and...
June 13 2016
MONDAY, June 13 — Actor Ryan Bondy, who plays Elder Price in the touring version of “The Book of Mormon,” finds a certain flattery in being cast as a Mormon missionary
June 10 2016
FRIDAY, June 11 — After years of delays, “Ed’s Whale,” a documentary on Lansing artist Ed Lahti, will be revealed later this year.On a Facebook page devoted to the film, filmmaker...
June 8 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 8 — For someone who deals in storytelling for a living, Jenifer Hixson doesn’t wax poetic about “The Moth Mainstage.”“It’s five people telling true stories...
June 8 2016
The Cadillac Three rolls into the stadium Saturday for the second annual Taste of Country Festival. Last year’s inaugural festival featured headliner Dierks Bentley, who, coincidentally, returns...
June 8 2016
The Buffalo chicken sandwich from Waterfront Bar & Grill features grilled chicken — not fried — which is tossed in Buffalo sauce, so it’s not too heavy. It’s topped with melted...