April 27 2016
About a week ago, I was at the tail end of a persistent cold. I needed something to help me round the corner and force this sickness out of my system. Chicken noodle soup? No, I needed something more potent,...
April 26 2016
TUESDAY, April 26 — Michigan-based rock band Verve Pipe will headline the first-ever City Pulse River Rock Concert, which comes to Adado Riverfront Park June 10 and 11
April 25 2016
Bria Skonberg fondly remembers her time at East Lansing’s Summer Solstice Jazz Festival last summer. “The audience was awesomely warm."
April 20 2016
Harriet, who has been a marijuana user for over 30 years, started smoking recreationally, but eventually realized that marijuana helped with her depression and anxiety. More recently, she started to experiment...
April 20 2016
Just like I shouldn’t have to tell you to check out the “Mona Lisa” next time you’re in Paris, I shouldn’t have to tell you to check out Cosmos’ pizzas. (If you want...
April 20 2016
If you run into actor David Abeles on the street, you would see someone who would fit right into the cast of “Once.”
April 18 2016
MONDAY, April 15 — Local artist Julian Van Dyke will get a chance to make his mark in East Lansing.Julian Van DykeCourtesy photoThe East Lansing Art Selection Panel and East Lansing Arts Commission
April 15 2016
FRIDAY, April 15 — Common Ground Music Festival continues to fill out its 2016 slate, announcing 11 more acts earlier today.Pop singer Daya will join the festival’s July 10th lineup, which...
April 13 2016
At the big Broadway shows, especially, Snyder saw few people her age. Most were older. It bothered her enough that she began talking to the staff at the Wharton Center about how to bring more young people...
April 13 2016
A Tony-winning Broadway musical with a Lansing connection will be showcased in Wharton Center’s 2016-2017 season, announced Tuesday
April 12 2016
TUESDAY, April 12 — The Wharton Center released its 2016-2017 schedule today, which includes a packed slate of encore performances, audience favorites and several Wharton Center debuts.“We...
April 4 2016
MONDAY, April 4 — Lansing resident Nick Eyde will appear on televisions nationwide tomorrow night with a featured role on NBC’s “Chicago Fire.” For his national television debut,...
March 31 2016
Zaha Hadid, the architect who designed MSU’s Broad Art Museum, died early this morning at 65
March 30 2016
The wide-ranging career of Zakir Hussain, one of India’s most prominent living musicians, is driven by one thing: a voracious appetite for new musical ideas
March 30 2016
For this week’s edition of the Dish, we’re heading to north Lansing. Old Town? Nope, a little farther. Just keep heading north on Larch Street until it turns into Old U.S. 27. Go a few blocks...
March 29 2016
Common Ground Music Festival announced this morning that electronic rock band AWOLNATION will headline its July 5 lineup
March 23 2016
“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which opens nationwide this weekend, features at least one scene filmed at East Lansing’s Broad Art Museum. It includes the DC Comics “trinity”...
March 19 2016
SATURDAY, March 19 — The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, for the most part, looks like most other orchestras you may encounter, save for one key difference: There’s no hand-waving conductor guiding...
March 17 2016
THURSDAY, March 17 — Playing one of the music industry’s all-time great singers is a tall order, even more so when that singer is in the room. But Jesse Nager, who plays Smokey Robinson in...
March 16 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 16 — A “Saturday Night Live” castmember is coming to MSU’s campus Friday