March 16 2016
Oh Italy, you have given us so many wonderful things. Pasta, Lamborghinis Leonardo da Vinci, the operas of Puccini … I could go on. But a certain culinary achievement holds a special place in my...
March 16 2016
This week, City Pulse launches its first ever Dining Guide. As a companion to the Dining Guide, we rounded up a panel of Greater Lansing chefs to talk about when they started cooking and what they make...
March 14 2016
MONDAY, March 14 — Rory Makem, a seasoned Irish musician and son of legendary Irish singer Tommy Makem, leads an Irish sing-along tonight at Dublin Square. Rory Makem regularly performs with Irish...
March 9 2016
“The Artist as Activist,” a new exhibit at the Broad Art Museum featuring the art of Bangladeshi artists Tayeba Begum Lipi and Mahbubur Rahman, meets some of the country’s biggest social...
March 9 2016
Local musician Mike Lynch will begin this year’s St. Patrick’s Day at 7 a.m. with a four-hour gig at East Lansing’s Dublin Square. His day concludes with a three-hour set at Lansing Brewing...
March 9 2016
On one hand, the album is energetic and loose. It captures the excitement of four musicians getting together and jamming on some of their favorite tunes. This session was recorded live in a studio, but...
March 9 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 9 — MSU’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum announced today that Marc-Olivier Wahler has been appointed as the museum’s director
March 9 2016
Common Ground Music Festival announced this morning that singer Jason Derulo will headline its July 10 slate of performers
March 4 2016
A$AP Rocky will headline an evening of hip-hop artists at 2016’s Common Ground Music Festival. In a statement released this morning, the festival announced that the New York rapper will perform on...
March 2 2016
With St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks out, a trio of local promoters is pouring a triple shot of Irish music distilled on the Emerald Isle itself. While the holiday is a handy excuse for importing some...
March 2 2016
Every time I try something there, it becomes my new favorite thing. First it was the Hangover, a breakfast “sandwich” consisting of biscuits topped with smoked pork, two fried eggs, sausage...
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Feb. 24 2016
Even while the Iraq wars are barely in our rearview mirror and our military is still stationed in an unstable Afghanistan, this year’s crop of political candidates are rattling sabers at ISIS and...
Feb. 24 2016
“No book with major LGBT content has ever been among the books annually celebrated and publicized statewide,” Raphael wrote on his blog, which is hosted by the Huffington Post. “That...
Feb. 24 2016
When Anne Woiwode joined the East Lansing Food Co-op in the early ‘80s, finding healthy food was difficult
Feb. 19 2016
FRIDAY, Feb. 19 — When Paula Poundstone took the stage at the Wharton Center last night, she didn’t waste any time getting to the day’s hottest political topic.“So the pope thinks...
Feb. 10 2016
A high school dropout, Poundstone, 56, cut her teeth in the Boston open mic scene in the 1970s. Before long, she was touring the country via Greyhound bus, performing her wry, improvisational comedy at...
Feb. 10 2016
The 2016 presidential primary season kicked off in earnest last week with the Iowa Caucuses, the first opportunity for American citizens to cast votes this election cycle. The Michigan primary lands on...
Feb. 9 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 9 — When Bobby McFerrin took the stage at Wharton Center Saturday, he wasn’t flanked by the kind of musical giants a talent like his usually pulls in. McFerrin, who regularly...
Feb. 4 2016
THURSDAY, Feb. 4 — At just 34, Ashley Brown already has a career that would make many Broadway actors jealous.The young actress made her Broadway debut in 2005, taking on the role of Belle in Walt...
Feb. 3 2016
Bobby McFerrin has worked with some of the music world’s premier talent in a variety of genres, from Chick Corea to Questlove to the Vienna Philharmonic. But this weekend he will take the stage flanked...