May 4 2016
Craig Doepker has been serving up whiskey shots and PBRs at Mac’s Bar for years. The popular bartender made the Final Five in this year’s Top of the Town contest in both Best Bartender and...
April 27 2016
At-large Lansing Park Board member Paul Holland proposed at the board’s April meeting that the BWL nudge its proposed Central Substation a bit to the west, a move that would allow development of...
April 20 2016
The Syrian refugee crisis has been driving headlines around the world for the past year, as over 4.5 million people have fled to neighboring countries to escape the war in Syria
April 13 2016
The East Lansing Ceramic Arts Program needs a new home, and it's looking to the public for help. The program, which began in the mid ‘90s, was formerly located at the Bailey Community Center. When...
March 30 2016
To address the issue of gun violence in Chicago, playwright Nambi E. Kelley looked to history — ancient history
March 23 2016
“I come from a very musical family,” Benack said. “My mother teaches voice at Carnegie Mellon, a top music theater program. My grandfather, the first Benny Benack, was a jazz trumpet...
March 16 2016
“The play is all about how Agnes Evans is trying to learn a little bit about her sister,” said Jeff Croff, artistic director of Ixion Theatre and director of this production. “She lost...
March 16 2016
Lansing Art Gallery is looking for help to take art beyond the gallery’s walls and into the streets of Lansing. The gallery recently launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for pop-up art...
March 2 2016
The duo are the creative minds behind JiveOne5even, a local art and design company. The company’s Lansing-themed shirts feature logos from Adidas, Disney and Danzig, but reworked to include Lansing...
Feb. 26 2016
FRIDAY, FEB. 26 — Islamophobia is a hot-button issue in the U.S. right now, with presidential contenders seriously discussing bans on Muslim non-citizens from entering the country. Last week, a grou
Feb. 23 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 24 — Downtown Lansing’s Cultural District is looking to spruce up its Michigan Avenue entrance — and it’s looking to Michigan artists for ideas.The Arts Council of...
Feb. 10 2016
Stover has started a Kickstarter project to make his game a reality. Stover is hoping to raise $15,000 for the project by Sunday. If the campaign is successful, Stover hopes to have the game available...
Feb. 9 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 9 — Nearly 200 students packed into a lecture hall at MSU’s Wells Hall Wednesday night to attend Taking Down Rape Culture, an event that addressed sexual assault and what could...
Feb. 2 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 2 — More than 110 works of art by Greater Lansing students were unveiled Friday evening at a kickoff gala for MSU Federal Credit Union’s ninth annual Student Art Exhibit. The...
Jan. 25 2016
MONDAY, Jan. 25 — Do you want to help keep Michigan green? The Arbor Day Foundation wants to help you do just that. The foundation is offering ten free trees to anyone from Michigan who joins the...